Channels definition

Channels means the methods by which you may access our various Account services, including all or any of the following where authorised by the Bank for you: in person through our branches, by Cash Machine, by our OPEN24 Service and by such other means as we may from time to time make available. The Accounts and services that may be accessed and utilised may vary across the different Channels and the limits applicable to particular transactions or services may also vary across the different Channels.
Channels means the standard definition (SD) channel(s)/ high definition (HD) channels, as the case maybe and more specifically listed out by the Broadcaster, along with their Nature, Maximum Retail Price (if any) and respective genre, in Annexure B annexed to this Agreement that are owned/operated by the Broadcaster (including its subsidiary company or holding company or subsidiary of the holding company) ;

Examples of Channels in a sentence

  • Recurring charges for Local, Alternate Central Office, Interoffice and Internodal Channels apply for each quarter air mile increment of the channel.

  • Channels around the volcanic edifices develop as contourite moats related to the complex interaction of bottom currents around isolated obstacles (Roberts et al., 1974; McCave and Carter, 1997; Hernández-Molina et al., 2006).

  • Channels through which a grievance may be raised shall be clear, convenient, and unobstructed.

  • For Internodal Channels, charges apply as appropriate either for the same wire center area or contiguous serving wire center areas, as specified in E7.5 17.A.4.

  • Nonrecurring charges for Local, Alternate Central Office, Interoffice and Internodal Channels apply for each channel for month-to-month customers.

More Definitions of Channels

Channels means the standard definition and high definition Pay and Free-To-Air Television Channels of STAR as set out in Annexure A of the SLA, which list may be amended from time to time as per applicable Law;
Channels means the satellite television channels owned by SUN, the names and genres of which are specified in Annexure A of this Agreement, which has been granted permission for downlinking by the Central Government under the policy guidelines issued and amended by it from time to time.
Channels means the satellite television channel(s) of the Broadcasters, as are detailed in Annexure B.
Channels means the Bouquet of the Available Channels and/or those Available Channels that are selected by the Operator as A la Carte, in each case by putting a tick in the designated box provided in second column of the relevant table contained in the Validation Form (Schedule A) consisting of the list of Available Channels and the Bouquet; it being agreed that if any designated box against an Available Channels/Bouquet is left unmarked, it shall be deemed to have not been selected by the Operator for the purposes of this Agreement. For purposes of clarity, the selected Available Channel on an A la Carte basis and/or Bouquet in accordance with the foregoing shall be deemed to form part of this Agreement in respect of which Broadcaster shall grant license to the Operator in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;
Channels means the linear feed of satellite television channels listed in Annexure A of this Agreement.