Devices definition

Devices means any and all devices owned or purchased from time to time by Party A and utilized for the purposes of the provision of the Services.
Devices means (whether physical or virtual) a server, system, workstation, computer, mobile device, or end point upon which or through which the Services are used and/or on which the Software is installed.
Devices are exclusively limited to those designated in Schedule “A” attached hereto and includes all ideas, discoveries, creations, improvements, know-how, inventions, designs, developments, apparatus, techniques, methods, processes, and materials, whether or not patentable, including all rights to obtain, perfect or enforce any proprietary interests therein, pertaining to such devices as limited in Schedule A, which Lyons, whether alone or in concert with others, may conceive, reduce to practice or develop during the Term (or, if based on or related to any confidential or proprietary information of Amedica, within [***********] after the termination of this Agreement), alone or in conjunction with another, or others, whether during or out of regular business hours, and whether at the request or upon the suggestion of Amedica.

Examples of Devices in a sentence

  • The school has a specific Early Years Policy for The Use of Mobile Phones and Devices that recognises and manages the risks by a means appropriate to the setting.

  • Electrical Components, Devices, and Accessories: Listed and labeled as defined in NFPA 70, by a qualified testing agency, and marked for intended location and application.

  • Please note that Participants Connecting from Mobile Devices or Tablets or through Laptop connecting via Mobile Hotspot may experience Audio/Video loss due to Fluctuation in their respective network.

  • Surge Suppression: The luminaire on-board circuitry shall include Surge Suppression Devices (SSD) to withstand high repetition noise transients as a result of utility transients, and other interference.

  • Country: SwitzerlandSector: Fertility & PregnancySolution: Medical Devices www.

More Definitions of Devices

Devices means any and all of the following devices:
Devices means any permitted transportation device defined as a “Shareable Dockless Mobility Device”in City Code Section 150-400.
Devices means the Lease Closing Date Devices, the Upgraded Devices and each wireless mobile device contributed to a Lessee in connection with a Like-Kind Exchange for any of the foregoing Devices.
Devices means the devices manufactured and distributed by the Licensor that are intended for controlling CNC machines (controllers and other CSMIO/IP drivers together with CSMIO expansion modules), that have their serial number (SN) and MAC address and that are compatible with the Software as of the day of this Agreement.
Devices means “Video Draw Poker Devices” as defined in the Video Draw Poker Devices Control Law, Louisiana Revised Statutes, Title 27:301 et seq., as amended from time to time.