Business Account definition

Business Account means an Account used primarily for business purposes and not for personal, family, or household purposes.
Business Account means an account that is not a Consumer Account.
Business Account means a dedicated deposit account opened at the financial institution selected by the Single Allocation Platform in the name of the Single Allocation Platform or at the discretion of the Single Allocation Platform opened by the Registered Participant, but with the Single Allocation Platform as the beneficiary of the dedicated cash deposit, which may be used for payments by the Registered Participant;

Examples of Business Account in a sentence

  • It is Contractor’s responsibility to contact the Vermont Department of Taxes to determine if, by law, Contractor is required to have a Vermont Department of Taxes Business Account Number.

  • The Manager shall promptly submit to the Management Committee monthly statements of account reflecting in reasonable detail the charges and credits to the Business Account during the preceding month.

  • All costs and expenses incurred in connection with the termination of the Business shall be expenses chargeable to the Business Account.

  • The Manager shall record all funds received in the Business Account.

  • The cost of all audits under this Subsection shall be charged to the Business Account.

More Definitions of Business Account

Business Account means the account maintained by the Manager for the Business in accordance with Exhibit B.
Business Account means your business operating deposit account with the Bank.
Business Account means an account that is not a consumer account. “Access codes” include the member identification number, log-in, password and any other means of access to our Online Banking service we establish or provide for you. Access Codes To use our Online Banking service, you must use the access codes we established or provided for you. Keep them confidential to prevent unauthorized use or loss to your accounts. Anyone to whom you give your access codes will have full access to your accounts even if you attempt to limit that person’s authority. Additionally, that person will have full access to any other of your accounts which are accessed by those access codes, even if those accounts are in your name with another person. None of our employees or employees of our affiliates will contact you via phone or e- mail requesting your access codes. If you are contacted by anyone requesting this information, please contact us immediately at our phone number shown in the section below entitled Notify us IMMEDIATELY for Unauthorized Transactions.
Business Account means the account maintained in accordance with the Accounting Procedure.
Business Account means an Eligible Account owned by a Business.
Business Account means your business operating deposit account with the Credit Union.
Business Account means an account for which a customer is eligible to receive a tariff other than a tariff for the supply of electricity for residential purposes.