Seller’s Account definition

Seller’s Account means such account as the Seller may specify to the Guarantor from time to time;
Seller’s Account means (state details of bank account) at the Sellers’ Bank.
Seller’s Account is defined in Section 2.3.

Examples of Seller’s Account in a sentence

  • Buyer and Seller agree that in effecting Transactions transfers between Buyer’s Account and Seller’s Account are intended to be, and shall be deemed to be, simultaneous.

  • Buyer shall electronically transfer funds to Seller’s Account: Xxxxxxxxx Energy, Inc.

  • No later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the meter data is delivered to Seller’s Account, Seller shall review the meter data and complete all acts necessary to create the Certificates in the Tracking System and shall transfer the Certificates into Buyer’s Account.

  • You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and security of the Seller’s Account details you have provided to us.

  • By submitting a Transfer Request you are thereby authorising us to transfer the relevant funds held by us on your behalf to the Seller’s Account.

More Definitions of Seller’s Account

Seller’s Account means the bank account notified by the Sellers to the Buyers for the receipt of the Downpayment and the balance of the Purchase Price (state details of bank account) at the Sellers’ bBank.
Seller’s Account means Seller’s clearing account on Custodian’s Government Securities Clearance System (“GSCS”), any other account in which Securities are held by Custodian on behalf of Seller pursuant to the terms of this Custodial Undertaking and any account for the deposit of cash maintained in connection therewith.
Seller’s Account. The account specified in a written notice provided by the Seller to the Agents.
Seller’s Account means the bank accounts in the name of the Seller with the following details: Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Bank Address: 0 Xxxxx'x Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxx. Bank Code: 004 Swift Code: XXXXXXXXXXX Account Name: More Action Investments Limited Account No: 000-000000-000 Currency: Hong Kong Dollar
Seller’s Account means to such bank account advised in writing by the Sellers (state details of bank account) at the Sellers' Bank. "Sellers' Bank" means _______ (state name of bank, branch and details) or, if left blank, the bank notified by the Sellers to the Buyers for receipt of the balance of the Purchase Price.
Seller’s Account means one or more nominated bank accounts as may be agreed to by the Buyer and the Seller;
Seller’s Account is defined in Section 2.8.