Bond Trustee definition

Bond Trustee means the company designated as such in the preamble to these Bond Terms, or any successor, acting for and on behalf of the Bondholders in accordance with these Bond Terms.
Bond Trustee means Computershare Trust Company of Canada, a trust company incorporated under the laws of Canada or such other person or person(s) for the time being acting as the bond trustee under the Trust Deed or as trustee under the Security Agreement, as the context requires;

Examples of Bond Trustee in a sentence

  • The Bond Trustee shall not be responsible for any indirect or consequential loss.

  • Only Bondholders of Voting Bonds registered with the CSD on the Relevant Record Date, or the beneficial owner thereof having presented relevant evidence to the Bond Trustee pursuant to Clause3.3 ( Bondholders’ rights), will be counted in the Written Resolution.

  • All payments to the Bondholders in relation to the Bonds shall be made to each Bondholder registered as such in the CSD at the Relevant Record Date, by, if no specific order is made by the Bond Trustee, crediting the relevant amount to the bank account nominated by such Bondholder in connection with its securities account in the CSD.

  • The Bond Trustee is not liable for the content of information provided to the Bondholders by or on behalf of the Issuer or any other person.

  • The Issuer shall promptly upon request provide the Bond Trustee with any such documents, information and other assistance (in form and substance satisfactory to the Bond Trustee), that the Bond Trustee deems necessary for the purpose of exercising its and the Bondholders’ rights and/or carrying out its duties under the Finance Documents.

More Definitions of Bond Trustee

Bond Trustee means Computershare Trust Company of Canada, in its capacity as bond trustee under the Trust Deed together with any successor or additional bond trustee appointed from time to time thereunder;
Bond Trustee means UMB Bank, N.A., St. Louis, Missouri, and its successor or successors and any other corporation or association which at any time may be substituted in its place pursuant to and at the time serving as bond trustee under this Bond Indenture.
Bond Trustee means UMB Bank, N.A., as successor master trustee and indenture trustee to United Bank, Inc. under the Bond Indenture, Master Indenture and other 2008 Bond Documents, and any successor trustee in such capacity.
Bond Trustee means, with respect to any Bond, the financial institution designated as trustee for such Bond and any separate paying agent therefor, pursuant to the applicable Bond Documents. The term “Bond Trustee” will also be deemed to refer to, with respect to any series of Bonds, any separate paying agent for that series of Bonds.
Bond Trustee means The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee under the
Bond Trustee means, for any series of Bonds, the Person acting in the capacity of trustee for the holders of such Bonds under the Bond Indenture pursuant to which such Bonds were issued.
Bond Trustee has the meaning specified in the Indenture.