the Trustee definition

the Trustee s responsibility for disbursing the above information to the Certificateholders is limited to the availability, timeliness and accuracy of the information derived from the Master Servicer. By each Determination Date the Master Servicer shall provide to the Trustee in electronic form the information needed to determine the distributions to be made pursuant to Section 4.02 and any other information on which the Master Servicer and the Trustee mutually agree.
the Trustee means the party of the second part hereto, UMB Bank & Trust, n.a., and, subject to the provisions of Article XVIII of the Original Indenture, shall also include its successors and assigns.
the Trustee means the Trustee or Trustees for the time being of this Trust (as named in these terms of trust) whether original, additional or substituted.

Examples of the Trustee in a sentence

  • The Trustee need not investigate any fact or matter stated in the document.

  • The Trustee may maintain a proceeding even if it does not possess any of the Notes or does not produce any of them in the proceeding.

  • The Trustee may make reasonable rules for action by or at a meeting of Holders.

  • The Trustee makes no representations as to the validity or sufficiency of this Indenture or of the Securities.

  • The Trustee shall notify the Company promptly of any claim for which it may seek indemnity.

More Definitions of the Trustee

the Trustee and concomitant changes in this Section and Section 1007, or the deletion of this proviso, in accordance with the requirements of Sections 611(b) and 901(8), or
the Trustee means the trustee or trustees for the time being of any trust established for the benefit of all or most of the employees of the Bank and/or its subsidiaries;
the Trustee. The Trustee referred to at the top of This Deed and/or any party that shall serve from time to time as the Trustee of the Bondholders pursuant to This Deed;
the Trustee and concomitant changes in this Section and Section 1010, or the deletion of this proviso, in accordance with the requirements of Sections 611 and 901(8). A supplemental indenture which changes or eliminates any covenant or other provision of this Indenture which has expressly been included solely for the benefit of one or more particular series of Securities, or which modifies the rights of the Holders of Securities of such series with respect to such covenant or other provision, shall be deemed not to affect the rights under this Indenture of the Holders of Securities of any other series. It shall not be necessary for any Act of Holders under this Section to approve the particular form of any proposed supplemental indenture, but it shall be sufficient if such Act shall approve the substance thereof.
the Trustee means the person appointed as Trustee of the Fund and in this Offering Circular means JCSD Trustee Services Limited.
the Trustee is the beneficiary of the Limited Guarantee. No later than 1:00 p.m. New York City time on each Remittance Date, after taking into account the amounts allocated to the various Subaccounts in accordance with Section 5(b) hereof, the Trustee shall, in accordance with the related Remittance Report and in accordance with the terms of the Limited Guarantee, notify the Guarantor of any Limited Guarantee Payment Amount payable under the Limited Guarantee on the related Distribution Date. In addition, the Servicer shall notify the Guarantor as soon as practical (but no later than the related Remittance Date) after determining that a Limited Guarantee Payment Amount shall be payable under the Limited Guarantee on the related Distribution Date. Under the Limited Guarantee, upon receipt of notice as described above, the Guarantor shall be required to deliver the Limited Guarantee Payment Amount, if any, on or prior to the Remittance Date for the related Distribution Date. Such Limited Guarantee Payment Amount received by the Trustee shall be paid to the Holders of the Class B-2 Certificates on such Distribution Date (or such later date, if such amounts are received subsequent to such Distribution Date). In no event shall the Limited Guarantee Payment Amount be distributed on any Class of Certificates other than the Class B-2 Certificates and any such amounts received by the Trustee which are not distributable to the Class B-2 Certificates shall be returned by the Trustee to the Guarantor. The Trustee shall promptly notify the Rating Agencies in the event a Limited Guarantee Payment Amount, if any, is not received in a timely manner with respect to a Distribution Date. Any Limited Guarantee Payment Amounts made by the Guarantor to the Trustee shall be made in cash and shall be considered to be payments made to the Issuing REMIC in the nature of a guarantee within the meaning of I.R.C. ss. 860G(d)(2)(B).