Forecast Period definition

Forecast Period means the period of three calendar months for which a Forecast is provided;
Forecast Period means, in the case of the first Forecast Period, the period commencing on the date of Financial Close and ending at close of business on the first Forecast Date and, in the case of any subsequent Forecast Period, the period commencing on the expiry of the immediately preceding Forecast Period and ending at close of business on the next Forecast Date.
Forecast Period means the 30-week period commencing the week of March 8, 2021 through the week of September 27, 2021.

Examples of Forecast Period in a sentence

  • Revised Forecast Period means, in relation to a Commercial Vehicle Volume Change, the period from the end of the last whole month of March which triggered that Commercial Vehicle Volume Change and ending on the Final Expiry Date.

  • Forecast Period:The Forecast Period for the CARE Surcharge shall be the twelve- calendar-month period commencing with the Revision Date or as otherwise directed by the Commission.

  • The Profit Forecast is inherently uncertain in light of the Profit Forecast Period not being the Group’s current financial year and there can be no guarantee or assurance that any of the factors listed or referred to below under ‘Assumptions’ will not occur and/or, if they do, their effect on the Group’s results of operations, financial condition or financial performance, which may be material.

  • The interest rate used in determining feasibility is the rate charged to the borrower until the end of the Forecast Period for that loan.

  • If any of these proposed disposals were to complete during the Profit Forecast Period, there would be a reduction or an increase in the Group’s profits for the Profit Forecast Period (as compared with the Profit Forecast) and there can be no guarantee or assurance as to the level of any such reduction or increase, which may be material.The Directors have prepared the Profit Forecast on the basis referred to above and the assumptions set out below.

More Definitions of Forecast Period

Forecast Period shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.01 of ------------ the Coating Agreements.
Forecast Period means year zero through year ten.
Forecast Period. ’ means the forecast period contemplated under ‘‘Financial Forecast’’, being the period from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.
Forecast Period means the 31-week period commencing the week of February 28, 2022 through the week of September 30, 2022.
Forecast Period means a period beginning with the first Fiscal Year beginning after the later of (i) the Fiscal Year in which any proposed Additional Obligations are to be issued or (ii) the Fiscal Year in which any Project to be financed with the proceeds of any proposed Additional Obligations is, in the judgment of the Authority, expected to be completed and ending on the last day of the fifth (5th) Fiscal Year thereafter.
Forecast Period means, with respect to a transportation plan, the time period covered by the transportation plan pursuant to 23 CFR Part 450.
Forecast Period means the period beginning the week of September 16, 2019 and through the week of March 2, 2020.