Group A definition

Group A means educational programs for career

Examples of Group A in a sentence

  • If the tender from Group A is still the lowest tender, it shall be selected for award.

  • If, as a result of this comparison, a tender from Group A is the lowest, it shall be selected for the award.

  • The report shall also contain certification, signed by a California registered civil engineer, that the surface impoundment was constructed and suitable for operation in accordance with CCR, title 27, for Group A and B mining waste.

  • Wolfensohn, President, World Bank Group, to the Board, Management, and Staff of the World Bank Group, A Proposal for a Comprehensive Development Framework 10-11 (Jan.

  • The BAPs contain Group B mining waste effluent discharged from the BAP plant, liquid extracted from tailings in Pond 6, and Group A mining waste transferred from R-Ponds 1-7.

More Definitions of Group A

Group A means Occasional Teachers seeking daily occasional work, who are not restricted by the definitions in “Group B.
Group A means an employee, other than a patrol supervisor, with three months or less continuous service:
Group A means Crestview Capital Master, LLC., Big Bend XI Investments, Ltd., HLT FFT, LLC, Midsummer Investment Ltd., Islandia, L.P., Rooster LP, Toibb Investment, LLC, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx X. and Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Living Trust and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, and their successor and assigns.
Group A means a licensee who has 1 to 74 slot machines only.