Assessments definition

Assessments means whichever of the actual, transitional or other assessment is designated by the City of New York as the taxable assessment for that tax year.
Assessments means additional amounts of capital which may be mandatorily required of or paid voluntarily by a Participant beyond his subscription commitment.

Examples of Assessments in a sentence

  • This product contains substances for which Chemical Safety Assessments are still required.

  • Prior to contract award under this RFP, the selected firm, including the joint ventures, must provide a Certificate of Good Standing from the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation.

  • An Offeror’s failure to complete registration with the Department of Assessments and Taxation may disqualify an otherwise successful Offeror from final consideration and recommendation for Contract award under this RFP.

  • Development and Validation of Local Assessments If applicable, explain your procedures for developing locally administered assessments and how they are independently and objectively validated every six years.

  • Since the December report was published Equality Impact Assessments have been produced for both the overall budget and the individual savings proposals.

More Definitions of Assessments

Assessments means a special tax levied against property within a special
Assessments is defined as all assessments now or hereafter levied, assessed or imposed against the Property.
Assessments shall include any and all so-called special assessments, license tax, business license fee, business license tax, commercial rental tax, levy, charge or tax imposed by any authority having the direct power to tax, including any city, county, state or federal government, or any school, agricultural, lighting, water, drainage or other improvement or special district thereof, against the Premises, the Building or the Building Complex, or against any legal or equitable interest of Landlord therein. For the purposes of this Lease, any special assessment shall be deemed payable in such number of installments as is permitted by law, whether or not actually so paid. If the Building Complex has not been fully assessed as a completed project, for the purposes of computing the Real Estate Taxes for any adjustment required herein, the same shall be increased by Landlord's accountants, in accordance with their estimate of what the assessment will be, upon full completion of the Building Complex, including installation of all tenant finish items.
Assessments means a share of the funds required for the payment of Common Expenses which from time to time are assessed by the Association against an Owner.
Assessments means any assessments made with respect to a Timeshare Property, including but not limited to real estate taxes, recreation fees, community club or property ownersassociation dues, water and sewer improvement district assessments or other similar assessments, the nonpayment of which could result in the imposition of a Lien or other encumbrance upon such Timeshare Property.
Assessments refers to the fees assessed and retained by the Card Networks on all bankcard sales. “Fees” or “Processing Fees” refers to all the foregoing and, in addition, to amounts charged for any other purposes or services as described in the Application.