Assessments definition

Assessments means Claims of Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada or of any province or territory or municipality or any other Taxing Authority in any Canadian or foreign jurisdiction, including amounts which may arise or have arisen under any notice of assessment, notice of objection, notice of reassessment, notice of appeal, audit, investigation, demand or similar request from any Taxing Authority;
Assessments means whichever of the actual, transitional or other assessment is designated by the City of New York as the taxable assessment for that tax year.
Assessments means additional amounts of capital which may be mandatorily required of or paid voluntarily by a Participant beyond his subscription commitment.

Examples of Assessments in a sentence

  • The City represents that the Bonds, when issued, executed, and delivered in accordance with the Indenture and sold to the Underwriter as provided herein, will be validly issued and outstanding obligations of the City subject to the terms of the Indenture, entitled to the benefits of the Indenture and the security of the pledge of the proceeds of the levy of the Assessments received by the City, all to the extent provided for in the Indenture.

  • Fish Assessments: Fish sampling will be conducted at designated study sites using the GDNR’s Wildlife Resources Division's most current protocol for sampling.

  • Post Engagement Assessments: After each engagement, Xxxxxxxx & Associates, Inc.

  • Lender Consent Certificate of Bank of the Ozarks and any other lienholder on land in Improvement Area #1 of the District consenting to and acknowledging the creation of the District, the adoption of the Assessment Ordinance, the levy of the Assessments, and the subordination of their respective liens to the lien created by the Assessments, in form and substance acceptable to the Underwriter, Underwriter’s Counsel and Bond Counsel.

  • City of Cartersville Long-Term Monitoring 2023 Task Cost Estimate Annual Tasks (Fees shown per year) 1 – Water Quality Assessments* $35,000.00 2 – Habitat and Biological Assessments $16,000.00 3 – Annual Report $8,500.00 Annual Tasks Total $59,500.00 *For all sites in WPP and IWP Invoicing will occur monthly and will contain a description of the services provided.

More Definitions of Assessments

Assessments means a special tax levied against property within a special
Assessments is defined as all assessments now or hereafter levied, assessed or imposed against the Property.
Assessments refers to the fees assessed and retained by the Card Networks on all Card sales. "Fees" or “Processing Fees” refers to all the foregoing and, in addition, to amounts charged for any other purposes or services as described in the Application; (ii) Interchange fees and assessments are based on the current interchange rates and assessments set by the Card Networks. Any increases in these interchange fees and assessments will be passed through to Merchant either as part of the separately stated interchange fees and assessments or as an increase in any percentage- based or per item processing fee. Merchant acknowledges that whenever Merchant's Transactions fail to qualify for any reduced interchange fees, Provider will process such Transactions at the applicable interchange fees as set by the applicable Card Network, and Merchant will pay Provider the corresponding increased interchange fees (or as an increase in any percentage-based or per item processing fee based on the corresponding interchange fees). Merchant acknowledges that the fees specified as “qualified” or “mid-qualified” in the Application, as they may be updated or amended from time to time, are basic fees which will apply only to Transactions which exactly meet certain processing criteria or “qualify” or (in the case of “mid-qualified”) partially qualify for those basic fees according to the Operating Rules. In the event that Transactions submitted to Provider for processing only partially qualify or do not at all qualify for the qualified discount rate quoted in accordance with the Application and/or the Operating Rules, Merchant may be assessed, and agrees to pay, an additional Non- Qualified or Mid-Qualified Surcharge as set forth on the Application (or, if not set forth therein, or if set forth therein at a rate or in an amount less than that specified in the Operating Rules) as set forth in the Operating Rules; (iii) Processor may receive program discounts and other special pricing benefits based on the total volume of business it processes with some or all of its customer base. Merchant understands and agrees that all such discounts and special pricing inures solely to the benefit of Processor, and Merchant is not entitled to such discounts; (iv) Initial Discount: Merchant understands that initial discount rates assessed by Provider are based on Merchant's projected sales volume, average Transaction amount, and Card acceptance practices. If Merchant's actual sales volume and average Transac...
Assessments means a special tax levied against property within a special improvement district to pay all or a portion of the costs of making improvements in the district.
Assessments means the assessments for which all Owners are obligated to the Association and includes “Individual Lot Assessments,” “Benefited Assessments” and “Special Assessments” (as such terms are defined in the Declaration), and any and all other assessments which are levied by the Association in accordance with the Governing Documents.
Assessments refers to the fees assessed and retained by the Card Networks on all bankcard sales. "Fees" or “Processing Fees” refers to all the foregoing and, in addition, to amounts charged for any other purposes or services as described in the Merchant Account Application.
Assessments means any and all sums levied by the Association against any Lot and its Owner(s) as Common Expenses or other charges to include but not be limited to Common Expense liabilities, Unimproved Lot Assessments, Improved Lot Assessments, Special Assessments, specific Assessments, fines, late charges, interest and attorney's fees as set forth in the Declaration and Bylaws.