Radioactive Material Sample Clauses

Radioactive Material. Radioactive material will not be accepted at Buyer facilities unless radiation levels are less than or equal to eighty percent (80%) of the limits as stated in Federal Regulation 49 CFR173.441. Exceptions may be granted if Contractor provides prior notification of shipment dose levels and obtains approval to ship the material by the Buyer Radioactive Material Specialist or Radiation Protection Manager (RPM).
Radioactive Material. Solid waste excludes any radioactive material sub- ject to regulation under the Nuclear Regulatory Act (10 CFR 1.1 et seq.), as in effect on the issue date of the bonds.
Radioactive Material. Any material containing radionuclides where both the activity concentration and the total activity in the consignment exceed the values specified in the table in 49 CFR 173.436 or values derived according to the instructions in 49 CFR 173.433.
Radioactive Material. An operational permit is required to store or handle at any installation more than 1 micro curie (37,000 bacquerel) of radioactive material not contained in a sealed source or more than 1 millicurie (37,000,000 bacquerel) of radioactive material in a sealed source or sources, or any amount of radioactive material for which a specific license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is required.
Radioactive Material possessing other dangerous properties In addition to the radioactive and fissile properties, any subsidiary hazard of the contents of the package, such as explosiveness, flammability, pyrophoricity, chemical toxicity and corrosiveness, shall also be taken into account in the documentation, packing, labelling, marking, placarding, stowage, segregation and carriage, in order to be in compliance with all relevant provisions for dangerous goods of ADR.
Radioactive Material. Materials whose nuclei, because of their unstable nature, decay by emission of ionizing radiation. The radiation emitted may be alpha or beta particles, gamma or X−rays, or neutrons.
Radioactive Material. Material isdescribed in this paragraph (c)(2)(vi) if the material is radioactive.(d) Final disposal process. The termfinal disposal process means—
Radioactive Material. The permittee must not accept any radioactive material as defined in ORS 469.525 and OAR 345-050- 0006. If radioactive waste is discovered at the site, it must be managed in accordance with the Operations Plan and any amendments to that procedure approved by DEQ.The disposal of any wastes containing radioactivity shall comply with Oregon Administrative Rule 345 Division 50, under the authority of the Oregon Department of Energy.Reference: ORS 469.525 and OAR 345-050-0006
Radioactive Material. Uranium, thorium, plutonium, neptunium, their respective derivatives and compounds, radioactive isotopes of other elements and any other substances which may be designated by any nuclear liability act, law or statute, or any law amendatory thereof, as being prescribed substances capable of releasing atomic energy, or as being requisite for the production, use or application of atomic energy.