Annual Incentive Bonus definition

Annual Incentive Bonus as defined in Section 2.2(b);
Annual Incentive Bonus has the meaning specified in Section 4.2 of this Agreement.

Examples of Annual Incentive Bonus in a sentence

  • The Company shall, in addition to Executive’s Base Salary, pay Executive an Annual Incentive Bonus, which shall be payable within 120 days of the end of each fiscal year in accordance with the formula set forth on Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part hereof.

  • The Annual Incentive Bonus for any calendar year will (if and to the extent earned) be paid no later than the March 15th following the completion of such calendar year.

  • The amount of Executive’s Annual Incentive Bonus, if any, shall be based on the degree to which Executive’s performance objectives for a fiscal year have been met.

  • The target Annual Incentive Bonus is equal to 100% of Base Salary (the “Target Bonus Amount”) and the maximum Annual Incentive Bonus is equal to 200% of the Target Bonus Amount.

  • The performance goals applicable to Executive’s Annual Incentive Bonus for each calendar year during the Term will be established no later than March 31 of such calendar year.

More Definitions of Annual Incentive Bonus

Annual Incentive Bonus means the amount established pursuant to this Section 4.
Annual Incentive Bonus means the annual incentive bonus of the Executive for the applicable year and if no such bonus has then been established for a particular year, the annual incentive bonus most recently earned by or paid to the Executive by the Corporation or its subsidiaries or affiliates;
Annual Incentive Bonus means the Executive’s incentive bonus under the Company’s MIP then in effect or such other similar annual incentive bonus plan or program then in effect.
Annual Incentive Bonus as defined in Section 2.2;
Annual Incentive Bonus means any bonus paid under the Company’s annual incentive program, as approved by the Compensation Committee.
Annual Incentive Bonus means the bonus payable with respect to a ---------------------- fiscal year of the Company, determined in accordance with Article III hereof.