Fiscal Year of the Company Sample Clauses

Fiscal Year of the Company. The Company shall adopt the Calendar Year as its Fiscal Year.
Fiscal Year of the Company. Fail to maintain at all times a fiscal year ending on the last Monday in March of each year; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that if the Company gives the Agent and the Banks notice that it desires to change the fiscal year of the Company and its Subsidiaries, the parties shall negotiate in good faith to amend the Loan Documents to accommodate such request but such change shall not become effective until the Loan Documents have been so amended.

Related to Fiscal Year of the Company

  • Fiscal Year The fiscal year of the Partnership shall be the calendar year.

  • Fiscal Year End Change, or permit any Subsidiary of any Borrower to change, its fiscal year end.

  • Fiscal Year; Accounting The Company's fiscal year shall be the calendar year with an ending month of December.

  • Fiscal Year; Taxable Year The fiscal year and the taxable year of the Company is the calendar year.

  • Annual Accounting Period The annual accounting period of the Company shall be its taxable year. The Company’s taxable year shall be selected by the Member, subject to the requirements and limitations of the Code.

  • Fiscal Year; Organizational Documents Neither change its fiscal year nor amend, modify or change its articles of incorporation (or corporate charter or other similar organizational document) or bylaws (or other similar document) in any manner materially adverse to the interests of the Lenders without the prior written consent of the Administrative Agent.

  • End of Fiscal Years; Fiscal Quarters The Parent shall cause (i) each of its, and each of its Subsidiaries’, fiscal years to end on December 31 of each year and (ii) each of its and its Subsidiaries’ fiscal quarters to end on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each year.

  • Accounting and Fiscal Year Subject to Code Section 448, the books of the Partnership shall be kept on such method of accounting for tax and financial reporting purposes as may be determined by the General Partner. The fiscal year of the Partnership shall end on December 31 of each year, or on such other date permitted under the Code as the General Partner shall determine.

  • Financial Year End The financial year end of the Company may be determined by resolution of the Board and failing such resolution shall be 31st December in each year. AUDITS

  • Financial Statements; Fiscal Year The Consolidated balance sheets of Wabash and its Subsidiaries (including the accounts of all Subsidiaries of Wabash and their respective Subsidiaries for the respective periods during which a Subsidiary relationship existed) as of December 31, 2002, and the related statements of income, changes in shareholder's equity, and changes in financial position for the period ended on such date delivered to Agent and Lenders, have been prepared in accordance with GAAP, and present fairly in all material respects the financial positions of Wabash and such Persons, taken as a whole, at such date and the results of Wabash's and such Persons' operations, taken as a whole, for such period. As of the date hereof, since June 30, 2003, there has been no material adverse change in the financial position of Wabash and such other Persons, taken as a whole, as reflected in the balance sheets as of such date delivered to Agent and Lenders. For purposes of such representation, the charges described on Exhibit 7.1.10 hereto shall not constitute material adverse changes. As of the date hereof, the fiscal year of Wabash and each of its Subsidiaries ends on December 31 of each year.