Annual Award definition

Annual Award means any Award referred to as an Annual Award in the Award Statement.
Annual Award means an annual incentive award granted under the Plan.

Examples of Annual Award in a sentence

  • The Annual Award of restricted stock shall vest in four (4) equal quarterly installments commencing in the quarter following the date of the Director’s appointment and shall be prorated quarterly.

More Definitions of Annual Award

Annual Award means an Option granted to an Eligible Director who meets the specified criteria pursuant to Section 7(c)(iii).
Annual Award means a Stock Award granted to each Eligible Director pursuant to Section 8(c)(ii).
Annual Award means an award of Options pursuant to Section 5(b) of the Plan.
Annual Award means any annual award under the Cimpress N.V. Performance Incentive Plan or Performance Incentive Plan for Covered Employees, as the case may be (collectively, the “Performance Incentive Plan”).
Annual Award means yearly granting of both the Annual Option Award and the Annual Restricted Stock Award.
Annual Award means an annual incentive award granted under the CMSICP.
Annual Award means, for a Participant for a Fiscal Year, the product of the Participant's Minimum Annual Compensation for such Fiscal Year multiplied by the aggregate of: