Abate definition

Abate means to repair, replace, remove, destroy, correct or otherwise remedy a condition which constitutes a nuisance by such means, in such a manner and to such an extent as the Code Enforcement Officer determines is necessary in the interest of the general health, safety and welfare of the community.
Abate means to take whatever steps are deemed necessary by the director to return a property to the condition in which it existed before a civil code violation occurred or to assure that the property complies with applicable code requirements. Abatement may include, but is not limited to, rehabilitation, demolition, removal, replacement or repair.
Abate means to cancel in their entirety all applicable amounts.

Examples of Abate in a sentence

  • In contrast, black bean aphids (Aphis fabae) infest plants more during the dry season (Abate & Ampofo, 1996).

  • The medieval castle, the ancient walls and the Aragonese bell tower of the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate have kept their ancient charm for over seven centuries perched on the top of spectacular sheer trachyte cliffs.

  • It seems very probable that, in the hamlet of Sant‟Andrea del Pizzone, a production of cordage, sails, sacks, carpets, linen or hemp fabrics and sheets was practised in the Middle Ages, considering, in the territory, the worship of Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of rope makers, of Saint Antony Abate, Patron Saint of weavers, and of Saint Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of upholsterers and dealers.

  • If a permittee fails to abate the violation within the time specified in the NOV, OSMRE issues a cessation order—specifically, a Failure to Abate Cessation Order (“FTACO”)—requiring all active mining, or the relevant portion thereof, to halt at the permitted site until the violation is abated or the cessation order is modified, vacated, or terminated by the Secretary of the Interior or her authorized representative.

  • Connell Resolution No. 3 - Readopting Fiscal Year 2020-21 General Fund Budget Resolution No. 4 - Authorizing Abate of Relevied Water and Sewer Charges On Real Property Tax Bill For Property At 11 Public Square, Parcel No. 10-01-107.000 Resolution No. 5 - Authorizing Sale of Real Property Known as 13 Shepard Purchase, Parcel No.14-16-214.000 to Albert E.

More Definitions of Abate

Abate means to reduce a devise on account of the insufficiency of the estate to pay all claims, expenses and devises in full.
Abate means to eliminate or remedy:
Abate means to reduce a devise on account of the insufficiency of the estate to pay all
Abate or "abatement" means the action taken to remove or alleviate a nuisance, including but not limited to, demolition, removal, repair, boarding and securing or replacement of property.
Abate or “Abatement” means any action the Metro Township may take on public or private property and any adjacent property as may be necessary to remove or alleviate a violation, including, but not limited to, demolition, removal, repair, boarding, and securing or replacement of property.
Abate or "Abatement" shall mean an act used to remove, destroy, eliminate, size, impound, or any action taken to mitigate a public nuisance.
Abate means to investigate, contain, remove or mitigate water pollution.