Associates Sample Clauses

Associates. The Unit 2 Association may designate only one Association Associate and alternate at each Department/Agency facility. The Association Associates are union stewards as that term is generally used. The alternate shall serve in the absence of the Associate. The Associate or alternate will be permitted reasonable time off during his/her normal tour of duty to attend to the administration of the Agreement, to investigate and process grievances for employees, and represent employees as provided for in the grievance procedure contained in Article 20. Additionally, Associates will be permitted reasonable time off during his/her normal tour of duty to represent employees in predisciplinary meetings at regular rate with no loss of benefits. During such time the Associate or alternate shall continue to be paid at his/her regular rate and shall receive all fringe benefits, seniority accrual and other benefits. When not using time for such purposes, Associates and alternates will perform their regularly assigned job duties. An employee must have completed his/her probationary period before becoming an Associate or alternate. In addition to the time permitted by the grievance procedure, each Association Associate or alternate shall be permitted to use a reasonable amount of paid time to consult with Association representatives and represent bargaining unit members at grievance meetings. Associates and alternates of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources may cross division lines within each affected department to represent employees in grievance and predisciplinary meetings. Negotiating Committee members who are off duty or using banked hours under Section 10.04
Associates. Customer may permit its Affiliates and contractors (each, an “Associate”) to access or use any Account, together with the associated SaaS Services. Customer shall contractually bind all of its Associates, in writing, to terms and conditions consistent with the provisions set forth in Sections 2, 3, 4 and 11 of this Agreement. If Customer permits such access or use of any Account to its customers, together with the associated SaaS Services, to any Associate, it shall identify the service to the Associate as being "Powered by AMPP". If Customer learns that any Associate is in breach of such terms and conditions or the applicable SaaS XXXX, Customer shall promptly: (a) provide Grass Valley with written notice of such event; and (b) terminate such Associate’s right to access and use the SaaS Services and all related Accounts. Also, in the event of such breach, the breaching Associate and its employees will be automatically removed from the definition of Users in this Agreement, and the breaching Associate will have no right to access or use any SaaS Services, Accounts or Documentation. Customer shall be fully responsible and liable for any breach of such terms and conditions by any Associate as well as all acts and omissions of all Associates as if performed by Customer.
Associates. We may use associates to provide continuity of cover or the appropriate skills mix for your Booking. We will tell you by email who we intend to use. You will have the right to accept or reject associates before they do any work for you. Where our associates need access to your system, we will ask you to provide individual log-ins so you can track and secure their use. We contract with our associates in writing to provide appropriate levels of security and confidentiality in line with our service to you. Where they access personal data about living individuals we will share your data processing instructions.
Associates. Licensee may desire from time to time to enter into arrangements with Associates wherein Licensee makes a significant contribution of its own technology and intellectual property rights. In such cases, Licensee may request PalmSource to allow the Associate to use some or all of the PS Licensed Products on terms no less protective than those that apply to Licensee’s own technology and intellectual property. Upon such request, the parties will promptly meet and discuss the opportunity in good faith. The parties will consider reasonable proposals from both parties, which may include a direct license from PalmSource to the Associate or a sublicense from Licensee to the Associate on mutually agreed terms and conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a license or sublicense to an Associate for any of the PS Licensed Products must be approved in a definitive written agreement signed by an authorized officer of PalmSource. PalmSource retains the right to approve or withhold approval for any such license or sublicense in its sole discretion.
Associates. Nothing in Article 3 shall be construed to limit the Corporation’s right to refer to persons associated with it as “members” even though such persons are not members. No such reference by the Corporation shall render anyone a member within the meaning of Section 30-3-34 of the Idaho Nonprofit Corporation Act. Such individuals may initiate and take part in the discussion of any subject that may properly come before any meeting of the Board, but may not vote.
Associates. Each party is to ensure that its Associates or Related Companies who are in possession of any confidential information under clauses 22.2(a), 22.2(b), 22.2(c), 22.2(f) observe and comply with these confidentiality provisions and is responsible to the other party for any acts and omissions of its Associates or Related Companies in relation to the confidential information.
Associates. The term "Associate" shall have the meaning ascribed to that term in Rule 12b-2 under the Act.
Associates. Sometimes associates may be needed to provide continuity of cover or the appropriate skills mix for your Booking. We contract with our associates in writing to provide appropriate levels of security and confidentiality.
Associates to its Associates or Related Companies where necessary for the ordinary business purposes of that party;
Associates. In relation to either party shall mean any person, firm or company connected within the meaning of sections 345, 937 and 1152 of The Companies Act 2006 with either party or with any of its directors including, for the avoidance of doubt, (in relation to Channel 4) 4 Ventures Limited. Basic Charges fees, payment or other consideration directly relating to the provision of access to any Distribution System(s) (including without limitation any such fees, payment or other consideration in respect of reception equipment required to access any Distribution System(s)) but excluding any fees, payment or other consideration to receive any particular audio and/or audio-visual content via such Distribution System(s); and/or government licence fees and/or taxes which are payable by owners of reception equipment in order to receive audio and/or audio-visual content via such reception equipment.