Yearly Sample Clauses

Yearly. (1) Aggregate of community healthcare providers who presented a case and provided de-identified data for outcomes analysis (see Section (2) (d)(vi)).
Yearly. Vacation time shall not be cumulative from year to year.
Yearly. 1. Painting and sign writing of streetlight poles and feeder pillars.
Yearly. Gloves-Tactical Search 1 1 As re’d Handgun 1 1 As req’d Defective Handcuff Holder 1 1 As req’d Handcuffs 1 1 As req’d Defective Holster-Level III 1 1 As req’d Jacket 3-in-1 1 1 5 yrs Lanyard 1 1 Original Issue
Yearly. 15 % Discount on Catalog Items Indicate the percentage (%) discount that will be applied to 20% items ordered from your catalogs for orders placed by the Owners: *Note: This percentage discount shall apply to all catalog items other than those listed in Line items 1 through 40 of Ebid. 16 Samples & Product Literature A) I understand and agree that if our company is bidding A) YES B) YES C) N/A D) YES something other than what is being requested, the Owners may request that we supply one (1) sample of each such item, including any requested product literature available, and we intend to comply: Indicate YES or NO:
Yearly. “Yearly” shall mean that the cleaning shall be completed once during each twelve (12) calendar months during the cleaning day.
Yearly. The Employer will decide from year to year whether Matching Deferrals will be made and will notify Participants annually of the manner in which Matching Deferrals will be distributed for the subsequent year.
Yearly. S chedule Selection shall be offered additional work by classification seniority in the following order;:
Yearly. Inspect the internal circuit board assemblies and clean accumulated dust as necessary. Be certain that the plotter power is off. Observe static discharge safety procedures that may damage sensitive electronic components. Wear a grounding strap connected to earth ground. Wear safety glasses to protect eyes. Remove rear cover and use compressed air to remove dust and debris. Replace cover to original location and make certain that the boards and any connectors are well seated. Pinch Wheel Maintenance Pinch wheels are critical to the i-TECH unit's material handling performance. They should be in- spected for wear regularly and cleaned as needed. To clean adhesive off the pinch wheels, simply use a soft cloth and denatured alcohol. In normal use, the pinch wheels will need to be replaced in time. Also, trying to move them when they are in the down position can damage them. If material does not track well and guide alignment has been verified, the pinch wheels may need to be replaced. For best tracking results, replacement pinch wheels should be replaced as a SET. To check condition of pinch wheels: