Vinyl Sample Clauses

Vinyl. For the avoidance of doubt, Products in vinyl format are excluded from this Agreement, provided, however, that Cinram will perform PP&S Services for Products in vinyl format as requested by WMI.

Related to Vinyl

  • Rubric The rubrics are a scoring tool used for the Educator’s self-assessment, the formative assessment, the formative evaluation and the summative evaluation. The districts may use either the rubrics provided by ESE or comparably rigorous and comprehensive rubrics developed or adopted by the district and reviewed by ESE.

  • GLASS The Tenant shall maintain the glass part of the demised premises, promptly replacing any breakage and fully saving the Landlord harmless from any loss, cost or damage resulting from such breakage or the replacement thereof.

  • FLOORING Developer shall provide carpeted flooring with non-static flooring in server 23 room.

  • Porcupine Site Highway 11

  • Partitions In order to ensure maximum privacy for clients and to preserve the attorney-client privilege, the Employer agrees to construct floor to ceiling partitions for the offices of all casehandling staff where architecturally feasible. The feasibility of such construction may be limited by the cost relating to lighting and airflow.

  • Painting All exterior surfaces and materials requiring paint shall be prime coated plus 2 coats of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Pro-Mar alkyd flat exterior finish, or Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxx SWP exterior gloss paint. All porous exterior surfaces (e.g. unpainted wood) shall be sealed with 2 coats of Xxxxxxxx’x Water Seal following the manufacturers application instructions. Interior surfaces requiring paint shall be prime coated plus 2 coats of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Pro-Mar Latex Eg-Shel enamel. Concrete block walls shall receive 1 coat of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Pro-Mar Block Filler and 2 coats of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Pro-Mar latex Eg-Shel enamel. Interior finishes and color selections shall be approved by the State. A schedule of colors and finishes shall be prepared by the Owner/Lessor and approved by the State.

  • Insulation Insulation installed in the Property shall be as follows:

  • Exterior and interior functional areas and spaces of the Project, with technical and equipment requirements on each;

  • Ceilings 13.1 Lambdaboard ceilings, minimum 25mm thick with a width of 1220mm x 1800mm, skimmed with Plascon EZ Joint and EZ Skim system.

  • Fabrication Making up data or results and recording or reporting them.