Transport Sample Clauses

Transport. Where an employee who does not reside in employer accommodation is called back to work outside the employee’s normal hours of duty in respect of work which could not be foreseen or prearranged, the DHB shall either:
Transport. The aim of cooperation shall be to:
Transport. The provision of a bus service to and from Didcot or such other transport and/or location (if any) deemed necessary by the Landlord.
Transport. The Parties shall develop and strengthen their cooperation in the field of transport. This cooperation shall, inter alia, aim at restructuring and modernising transport systems and networks in the Republic of Tajikistan; developing and ensuring, where appropriate, compatibility of transportation systems in the context of achieving a more global transport system; and identifying and elaborating priority projects and seeking to attract investment for their implementation. Cooperation shall include: – the modernisation of management and operations of road transport, railways and airports; – the modernisation and development of railways, waterways, roads, airport and air navigation infrastructure and navigation aids, including the modernisation of major routes of common interest and the trans-European links for the above modes, particularly those related to the TRACECA project; – the promotion and development of multi-modal transport; – the promotion of joint research and development programmes; – the preparation of the legislative and institutional framework for policy development and implementation, including privatisation of the transport sector; – the simplification of procedures for all forms of transport in the region.