Air Traffic Control Sample Clauses

Air Traffic Control. 1. The crew members of the aircraft of the designated airline of each Contracting Party flying the specified routes shall be fully conversant and strictly compliant with the air traffic control procedures of the other Contracting Party.
Air Traffic Control. Lessee is not in default in the payment of any sums due by Lessee to any ATC/Airport Authority in respect of any aircraft operated by Lessee.
Air Traffic Control. A letter from the Lessee and the Permitted Sub-Lessee in the form of Annex H;
Air Traffic Control. For practical and logistical reasons, RSAF aircraft on passage to or from or whilst in Area 1 and/or that part of Area 2 which fall within the Indonesian airspace for the purposes set out in this Agreement shall operate from Singgapore under Singapore air traffic control.
Air Traffic Control a letter from Lessee addressed to Eurocontrol and each other relevant air traffic control authority pursuant to which Lessee authorises the addressee to issue to Lessor, upon Lessor's request from time to time, a statement of account of all sums due by Lessee to the authority in respect of all aircraft (including the Aircraft) operated by Lessee. Lessor hereby undertakes that it will not present such letter to Eurocontrol unless (i) a Default shall have occurred and (ii) Lessor shall have demanded from Lessee that Lessee procure the aforementioned statement of account from Eurocontrol and Lessee shall not have procured the same within 48 hours following such demand;]1
Air Traffic Control. A. JAX, during published times, must accept departure clearances and/or release requests from FHB NFCT and inform aircraft calling to contact the tower on frequency 119.95.

Related to Air Traffic Control

Traffic Control The Engineer shall provide all planning, labor, and equipment to develop and to execute each Traffic Control Plan (TCP) needed by the Engineer to perform services under each Work Authorization. The Engineer shall comply with the requirements of the most recent edition of the TMUTCD. The Engineer shall submit a copy of each TCP to the State for approval prior commencing any work on any State roadway. The Engineer shall provide all signs, flags, and safety equipment needed to execute the approved TCP. The Engineer shall notify the State in writing twenty-four (24) hours in advance of executing each TCP requiring a lane closure, and shall have received written concurrence from the State prior to beginning the lane closure. The Engineer’s field crew shall possess a copy of the approved TCP on the job site at all times and shall make the TCP available to the State for inspection upon request. The Engineer shall assign charges for any required traffic control to the applicable function code.
Job Control Personal Data being processed on commission (i.e., Personal Data processed on a customer’s behalf) is processed solely in accordance with the Agreement and related instructions of the customer. Measures: • SAP uses controls and processes to monitor compliance with contracts between SAP and its customers, subprocessors or other service providers. • As part of the SAP Security Policy, Personal Data requires at least the same protection level as “confidential” information according to the SAP Information Classification standard. • All SAP employees and contractual subprocessors or other service providers are contractually bound to respect the confidentiality of all sensitive information including trade secrets of SAP customers and partners.
Quality Control A. Controlled Affiliate agrees to use the Licensed Marks and Name only in connection with the licensed services and further agrees to be bound by the conditions regarding quality control shown in attached Exhibit A as they may be amended by BCBSA from time-to-time.
Data Input Control It will be possible to retrospectively examine and establish whether and by whom Personal Data have been entered, modified or removed from SAP data processing systems. Measures: • SAP only allows authorized personnel to access Personal Data as required in the course of their duty. • SAP has implemented a logging system for input, modification and deletion, or blocking of Personal Data by SAP or its subprocessors within the Cloud Service to the extent technically possible.
Export Control This Agreement is made subject to any restrictions concerning the export of products or technical information from the United States or other countries that may be imposed on the Parties from time to time. Each Party agrees that it will not export, directly or indirectly, any technical information acquired from the other Party under this Agreement or any products using such technical information to a location or in a manner that at the time of export requires an export license or other governmental approval, without first obtaining the written consent to do so from the appropriate agency or other governmental entity in accordance with Applicable Law.
Export Administration Customer agrees to comply fully with all relevant export laws and regulations of the United States ("Export Laws") to assure that neither the Programs nor any direct product thereof are (1) exported, directly or indirectly, in violation of Export Laws; or (2) are intended to be used for any purposes prohibited by the Export Laws, including, without limitation, nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons proliferation.
Network Access Control The VISION Web Site and the Distribution Support Services Web Site (the “DST Web Sites”) are protected through multiple levels of network controls. The first defense is a border router which exists at the boundary between the DST Web Sites and the Internet Service Provider. The border router provides basic protections including anti-spoofing controls. Next is a highly available pair of stateful firewalls that allow only HTTPS traffic destined to the DST Web Sites. The third network control is a highly available pair of load balancers that terminate the HTTPS connections and then forward the traffic on to one of several available web servers. In addition, a second highly available pair of stateful firewalls enforce network controls between the web servers and any back-end application servers. No Internet traffic is allowed directly to the back-end application servers. The DST Web Sites equipment is located and administered at DST’s Winchester data center. Changes to the systems residing on this computer are submitted through the DST change control process. All services and functions within the DST Web Sites are deactivated with the exception of services and functions which support the transfer of files. All ports on the DST Web Sites are disabled, except those ports required to transfer files. All “listeners,” other than listeners required for inbound connections from the load balancers, are deactivated. Directory structures are “hidden” from the user. Services which provide directory information are also deactivated.
Data Access Control Persons entitled to use data processing systems gain access only to the Personal Data that they have a right to access, and Personal Data must not be read, copied, modified or removed without authorization in the course of processing, use and storage. Measures: • As part of the SAP Security Policy, Personal Data requires at least the same protection level as “confidential” information according to the SAP Information Classification standard. • Access to Personal Data is granted on a need-to-know basis. Personnel have access to the information that they require in order to fulfill their duty. SAP uses authorization concepts that document grant processes and assigned roles per account (user ID). All Customer Data is protected in accordance with the SAP Security Policy. • All production servers are operated in the Data Centers or in secure server rooms. Security measures that protect applications processing Personal Data are regularly checked. To this end, SAP conducts internal and external security checks and penetration tests on its IT systems. • SAP does not allow the installation of software that has not been approved by SAP. • An SAP security standard governs how data and data carriers are deleted or destroyed once they are no longer required.
Data Integrity Control Personal Data will remain intact, complete and current during processing activities.
Trunk Group Architecture and Traffic Routing The Parties shall jointly engineer and configure Local/IntraLATA Trunks over the physical Interconnection arrangements as follows: