Nondiscriminatory Access Sample Clauses

Nondiscriminatory Access. When TWTC purchases Telecommunications Services from AT&T pursuant to Attachment 1 of this Agreement for the purposes of resale to End Users, such services shall be equal in quality, subject to the same conditions, and provided within the same provisioning time intervals that AT&T provides to others, including its End Users. To the extent technically feasible, the quality of a Network Element, as well as the quality of the access to such Network Element provided by AT&T to TWTC shall be at least equal to that which AT&T provides to itself and shall be the same for all Telecommunications carriers requesting access to that Network Element. The quality of the interconnection between the network of AT&T and the network of TWTC shall be at a level that is equal to that which AT&T provides itself, a subsidiary, an Affiliate, or any other party. The interconnection facilities shall be designed to meet the same technical criteria and service standards that are used within AT&T’s network and shall extend to a consideration of service quality as perceived by AT&T’s End Users and service quality as perceived by TWTC.
Nondiscriminatory Access. As required by the Arbitration Orders and as set forth in 47 C.F.R. § 51.311, Nondiscriminatory Access shall mean that: (a) the quality of an unbundled network element, as well as the quality of the access to the unbundled network element, that Verizon provides to a requesting telecommunications carrier shall be the same for all telecommunications carriers requesting access to that network element; and

Related to Nondiscriminatory Access

  • Nondiscrimination The LPA, with regard to the work performed by it during the Contract, shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, ancestry, or status as a veteran in the selection and retention of subcontractors, including procurements of materials and leases of equipment. The LPA shall not participate either directly or indirectly in the discrimination prohibited by section 21.5 of the Regulation, including employment practices when the Contract covers a program set forth in Appendix B of the Regulations.