Disinterested Shareholders definition

Disinterested Shareholders means those holders of Common Shares who are not Substantial Shareholders.
Disinterested Shareholders means all of the Shareholders of the Corporation except Insiders of the Corporation who are Eligible Persons, and such Insiders' associates;
Disinterested Shareholders means any shareholder of the Company who is not a Restricted Party or an Affiliate of a Restricted Party or a member of a 13D Group in which a Restricted Party or an Affiliate of a Restricted Party is also a member.

Examples of Disinterested Shareholders in a sentence

  • The approval of Disinterested Shareholders will be obtained for any reduction in the exercise price of Options if the Optionee is an Insider of the Company at the time of the proposed amendment.

  • Unless otherwise approved by the Plan Administrator and Disinterested Shareholders (as such term is defined in Applicable Laws), no person shall be eligible to receive in any fiscal year Options to purchase more than 5% of the outstanding shares of Common Stock (subject to adjustment as set forth in Section 5.1(m) hereof).

  • To be adopted, this resolution is required to be passed by the affirmative vote of a majority of the votes cast by Disinterested Shareholders at the Meeting.

  • The resolution must also be approved by the majority of Disinterested Shareholders, as defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”), voting on the resolution (“Majority of Minority Approval”).

  • If the Disinterested Shareholders who are optimistic about the future prospects and operating performance of the Group and have a relatively long term investment horizon may opt for the Share Alternative, subject to their investment objective, risk tolerance level as well as financial circumstances.

More Definitions of Disinterested Shareholders

Disinterested Shareholders means the votes of Shares held directly or indirectly by Insiders benefiting from the amendment for which approval is sought are excluded.
Disinterested Shareholders means the holders of the Disinterested Shares. For the
Disinterested Shareholders means the shareholders of the Company, including holders of any non-voting and subordinate voting shares of the Company, but excluding:
Disinterested Shareholders means the shareholders of the Company who are not Insiders of the Company that qualify as Eligible Persons under the Plan, and associates of such Insiders;
Disinterested Shareholders means all of the shareholders of Gibraltar Growth, other than the Sponsor and its Affiliates;
Disinterested Shareholders means Shareholders, other than officers and key employees who are entitled to receive options to acquire Units that may be granted pursuant to the Key Employee Unit Option Plan and associates of such Shareholders;
Disinterested Shareholders means the Partner Jet Shareholders excluding Volatus, Partner Jet Shareholders who are also shareholders of Volatus, and Partner Jet Shareholders who are also holders of Subscription Receipts.