Arbitration Panel Sample Clauses

Arbitration Panel. The arbitration panel shall consist of three arbitrators. The arbitrators must be impartial and must be or must have been officers of life insurance and or securities companies other than the parties or their affiliates.
Arbitration Panel. Within thirty (30) days after this Agreement becomes effective, the Employer and the Union shall select a panel of four (4) arbitrators. The panel shall be assigned cases in rotation order designated by the parties. Each arbitrator/mediator shall serve for the duration of this Agreement unless the arbitrator/mediator’s services are terminated earlier by written notice from either party to the other. The arbitrator/mediator shall be notified of such termination by a joint letter from the parties. The arbitrator/mediator shall conclude his/her services by deciding any grievance(s) previously heard. A successor arbitrator/mediator shall be selected by the parties. The method of selection and all other questions regarding this section shall be jointly agreed to by the parties. Within sixty (60) days of the effective date of this Agreement, the parties will mutually agree on a set of rules of arbitration. Insofar as is practical the rules will be based on the Voluntary Rules of the AAA.
Arbitration Panel. 1. The arbitration panel shall comprise three members.
Arbitration Panel. The arbitration shall be conducted by a panel of three (3) arbitrators. Within [**] days after the initiation of the arbitration, Pharmaceutical Partners will nominate one person to act as an arbitrator, RMS will nominate one person to act as an arbitrator, and the two arbitrators so named will then jointly appoint the third arbitrator within [**] days of their appointment, who will serve as chairman of the arbitration panel. All three (3) arbitrators must be independent Third Parties having at least ten (10) years of dispute resolution experience (including judicial experience) and/or legal or business experience in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry. If any Party fails to timely nominate its arbitrator, or if the arbitrators selected by the Parties cannot agree on the person to be named as chairman within such [**] day period, the AAA will make the necessary appointments for such arbitrator(s) or the chairman. Once appointed by a Party(ies), such Party(ies) will have no ex parte communication with its appointed arbitrator.
Arbitration Panel. 1. The parties will make an attempt to agree on the panel of thirty (30) arbitrators, with fifteen (15) on a Northern Panel, and fifteen (15) on a Southern Panel. Nothing shall preclude the parties from including an arbitrator on both the northern and southern lists. If agreement cannot be reached on the names of the arbitrators on each list, the remaining number of arbitrators needed to complete a panel will be selected alternately by the parties. The party selecting first shall be determined by a flip of a coin.
Arbitration Panel. Unless otherwise mutually agreed, the members of the Board shall be impartial and disinterested and shall be active or former executive officers of property-casualty insurance companies, reinsurance companies, or Lloyd's Underwriters or active or inactive lawyers with at least twenty (20) years of experience in insurance and reinsurance. Cedent and Reinsurer shall each appoint an arbitrator and the two (2) arbitrators shall choose an umpire before instituting the hearing. If the respondent fails to appoint its arbitrator within thirty (30) days after having received claimant's written request for arbitration, the claimant is authorized to and shall appoint the second arbitrator. If the two arbitrators fail to agree upon the appointment of an umpire within thirty (30) days after notification of the appointment of the second arbitrator, within ten (10) days thereof, the two (2) arbitrators shall request the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") to appoint an umpire for the arbitration with the qualifications set forth in this Article. If the AAA fails to name an umpire, either party may apply to the court named below to appoint an umpire with the above required qualifications. The umpire shall promptly notify in writing all parties to the arbitration of his selection and of the scheduled date for the hearing. Upon resignation or death of any member of the Board, a replacement shall be appointed in the same fashion as the resigning or deceased member was appointed.
Arbitration Panel. The arbitration proceeding shall be conducted by an Arbitrator to be selected by lot from a permanent panel of six (6) Arbitrators. Prior to October 1 of each even numbered year of the contract, the State Negotiator, or designee, and the Association may, by mutual agreement, select the members to serve on the permanent panel. If the parties fail to agree, they shall prepare a list of fifteen (15) Arbitrators selected from a list of available Arbitrators supplied by the Bureau of Mediation Services. The members of the permanent panel shall be selected from the list by the following method: the Association and the State Negotiator, or designee, shall each strike a name from the list. The parties shall continue to strike names until the six (6) members of the permanent panel have been selected. If a vacancy on the permanent panel occurs during the life of this Agreement, the vacancy shall be filled by mutual agreement of the State Negotiator, or designee, and the Association. If the parties fail to agree, the vacancy shall be filled from among the remaining names on the original list by the same method of selection detailed above.
Arbitration Panel. The parties shall employ a list of three (3) permanent arbitrators to decide disputes arising under this collective bargaining agreement.
Arbitration Panel. A single arbitrator shall have the power to render a maximum award of one hundred thousand dollars. When any party files a claim in excess of this amount, the arbitration decision shall be made by the majority vote of three arbitrators. No arbitrator shall have the power to restrain any act of any party.
Arbitration Panel. There shall be three arbitrators, all of whom shall be independent and impartial, and experienced in arbitration proceedings. For those disputes involving the transfer of, or title to, any real property rights or interests, including but not limited to mineral rights, or involving the development of a mineral interest or the marketing of mineral production, each arbitrator shall be experienced in the oil and gas industry and knowledgeable or specializing as to the subject matter involved in the dispute. The arbitrators shall be chosen as follows: each Party shall have thirty (30) days from the delivery of a Notice of Intention to Arbitrate to designate an arbitrator and notify the other Party of the name of such arbitrator. If such other Party shall fail to name a second arbitrator within thirty (30) days, then the Party who first served the notice may, within three (3) days after written notice to the other Party, apply to the American Arbitration Association as the Appointing Authority, for the appointment of such second arbitrator for or on behalf of the other Party, and in such case the arbitrator appointed by the Appointing Authority shall meet the criteria set forth in this Section II.D. and shall act as if named by the other Party.