Tax Filing Sample Clauses

Tax Filing. If any report, return or statement is required to be filed with respect to any Tax which is subject to indemnification under this Section 8.3, Owner shall timely file the same (except for any such report, return or statement which a Tax Indemnitee has timely notified the Owner in writing that such Tax Indemnitee intends to file, or for which such Tax Indemnitee is required by law to file, in its own name); provided, that the relevant Tax Indemnitee shall furnish Owner with any information in such Tax Indemnitee's possession or control that is reasonably necessary to file any such return, report or statement and is reasonably requested in writing by Owner (it being understood that the Tax Indemnitee shall not be required to furnish copies of its actual tax returns, although it may be required to furnish relevant information contained therein). Owner shall either file such report, return or statement and send a copy of such report, return or statement to such Tax Indemnitee, or, where Owner is not permitted to file such report, return or statement, it shall notify such Tax Indemnitee of such requirement and prepare and deliver such report, return or statement to such Tax Indemnitee in a manner satisfactory to such Tax Indemnitee within a reasonable time prior to the time such report, return or statement is to be filed.
Tax Filing. (a) The Selling Shareholder shall bear and pay any Taxes assessed by the applicable PRC Tax Authority in accordance with the Bulletin 7 for “indirect transfer of PRC taxable assets (间接转让中国应税财产)” by the Selling Shareholder (the “Bulletin 7 Taxes”), and the Selling Shareholder acknowledges that the Purchaser shall have no obligation to pay any Bulletin 7 Taxes.
Tax Filing. The parties to this Agreement agree to report the Transactions in the manner described in Section 2.1 hereto for purposes of filing any and all Tax and information returns and to take and defend positions consistent therewith in all dealings with the Internal Revenue Service, and all other government authorities (except upon a decision by a final taxing authority in which case any returns shall be amended to be consistent with such decision and any future returns shall be filed consistently with such decision).
Tax Filing. During the Employment Period, you will duly and accurately file all required income tax returns and, if requested to do so, will certify to that effect to the Firm annually on a form specified by the Firm.
Tax Filing. For purposes of this Agreement and the filing of applicable Tax Returns, whenever Monaco and ORA reasonably agree that it is equitable to allocate an item of income, gain, deduction, loss or credit to either a taxable year or period that ends on or before the Closing Date or a taxable year or period that begins after the Closing Date, rules consistent with those in Treasury Regulation Section 1.1502-76(b) will be applied.
Tax Filing. 5.1 The Consultant shall be responsible for (i) filing appropriate returns with applicable government and tax authorities and (ii) paying tax, and/or any other duties to the appropriate tax authorities with respect to the Consulting Fees received under this Agreement. The Company shall maintain the right to deduct or withhold any taxes that the Company determines the Consultant is obligated to withhold from any Consulting Fees and payment to the Consultant as reduced by such deductions or withholdings shall be deemed to be full payment and settlement to the Consultant of such amount.
Tax Filing. 40 4.15 Certain Obligations................................................... 41
Tax Filing. (a) If requested by a Vendor, the Purchaser and Vendor agree, on a roll-over basis, to jointly execute and file a T2057 Tax Form - Election of Disposition of Property by a Taxpayer to a Taxable Canadian Corporation - (a “T2057”) with the Canada Revenue Agency. The Purchaser agrees that numeric amounts contained within the T2057 shall be solely determined by the Vendor.
Tax Filing. Each party hereto agrees to file the Merger Agreement with its respective federal income tax returns for the year in which the Reorganization is effective and to comply with the reporting requirements of Treasury Regulation 1.368-3.