Definition of PRC Tax Authority

PRC Tax Authority means the State Administration of Taxation of the PRC and its local branches or any other relevant Tax Authority in the PRC;

Examples of PRC Tax Authority in a sentence

Company does not receive any tax refunds, credits, benefits, deductions, exemptions or otherwise from any of PRC Tax Authority which is not in compliance with applicable Law.
After such Tax filing, each Selling Shareholder agrees to use its commercially reasonable efforts to promptly submit all documents supplementally requested by the Relevant PRC Tax Authority in connection with such Tax filing, and give regular updates to the Purchaser as to the determination (and delivers to the Purchaser assessment notices, if any, issued by the Relevant PRC Tax Authority in connection with such determination).
The Seller shall respond as soon as reasonably practicable to any inquiry from any PRC Tax Authority relating to the assessment of PRC Withholding Taxes.
To the extent that any VIE Shareholder is determined by the relevant PRC Tax Authority to be required by applicable Law to pay Taxes in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Equity Transfer Agreements, the Founder Shareholders (and not the Company or the WFOE) shall be fully responsible for such Taxes.