Tabulations Sample Clauses

Tabulations. Not later than 6:00 p.m. (New York time) on each day of the Election Period, the Company shall transmit or cause to be transmitted by Mellon to the Bank by electronic mail to the addresses listed on Annex A hereto, a tabulation in the form set forth as Exhibit C hereto (the “Tabulation Format”) setting forth as of 3:00 p.m. New York time on such day the number of options of each Series submitted to the Option Liquidity Program and not withdrawn on or before such time.
Tabulations. Offeror’s may call the purchasing division to obtain a verbal status of contract award.
Tabulations. PWS will provide CMI with detailed per-cruise tabulations of sales in order for CMI to verify cruise line remittances for sales. Detailed per cruise tabulations of sales should have the same information as the individual invoices for customer service purposes.
Tabulations. The Purchasing Agent will release a bid tabulation to be posted on the County’s website. Tabulation will be posted within three working days once the contract is awarded. Lengthy tabulations may not be available on the Internet and requests for these verbally or in writing cannot be honored.

Related to Tabulations

  • Protocols When conducting all Supplemental Services, Provider and its Canvassing Ambassadors must abide by the following protocols:

  • Submittals Shop Drawings, schedules, data, catalogue cuts, manufacturers' published recommendations, charts, bulletins, brochures, illustrations, circulars, roughing drawings or formulae, etc., that are specifically prepared, distributed, or assembled by or for Contractor or by Subcontractors, manufacturers, or Suppliers and submitted by Contractor to illustrate some portion of the Work or for use in installing the Work. The Contract Documents shall specify when shop drawings or submittals require the seal of a specialty consultant.

  • Rosters Each pay period the Employer will provide the following four (4) reports electronically.

  • Technical Requirements for SCPs/Databases BellSouth shall provide physical access to SCPs through the SS7 network and protocols with TCAP as the application layer protocol.

  • Prescriptions and bottles of these medications may be sought by other individuals with chemical dependency and should be closely safeguarded. It is expected that you will take the highest possible degree of care with your medication and prescriptions. They should not be left where others might see or otherwise have access to them.

  • Listings Image Access shall provide all new, changed and deleted listings on a timely basis and BellSouth or its agent will include Image Access residential and business customer listings in the appropriate White Pages (residential and business) or alphabetical directories in the geographic areas covered by this Agreement. Directory listings will make no distinction between Image Access and BellSouth customers. Image Access shall provide listing information in accordance with the procedures set forth in The BellSouth Business Rules for Local Ordering found at BellSouth’s Interconnection Services Web site.

  • Credentials The names and credentials of the individuals who: (1) designed the statistical sampling procedures and the review methodology utilized for the Claims Review and (2) performed the Claims Review.

  • New Job Classifications If a new job classification is created by the Employer during the term of this Agreement resulting from new equipment or a significant change in the methods of operation, the Employer shall establish a temporary rate for that job classification and shall notify the Union of the establishment of the new job classification and the temporary rate. After ten (10) days, the temporary rate shall become the permanent rate of pay for the new job classification for the balance of the term of this agreement. If no agreement has been reached within sixty (60) calendar days after the first meeting between the Union and the Employer on the rate of pay for such new job classification, the matter may be referred to Step 2 of the grievance procedure. If the grievance is referred to an Arbitrator, he or she shall use as the basis for his or her decision, the qualifications, degree of complexity, responsibility, effort and skill associated with the new or revised job classification as compared to other job classifications in the bargaining unit.

  • JOB CLASSIFICATIONS It is agreed that it is the right and responsibility of Management 4 to establish new job classifications, or eliminate existing classifications, and establish the appropriate 5 pay rate for such classifications. Any such change in classifications will be reviewed and discussed with 6 the Union at least thirty (30) days in advance of its establishment. Should a dispute arise concerning 7 the pay range for the new job classification, it shall be treated as a grievance and handled in accordance 8 with Article 3. 9

  • Materials The Executive will use Confidential Information only for normal and customary use in the Company’s business, as determined reasonably and in good faith by the Company. The Executive will return to the Company all Confidential Information and copies thereof and all other property of the Company or any Company Affiliate at any time upon the request of the Company and in any event immediately after termination of Executive’s employment. The Executive agrees to identify and return to the Company any copies of any Confidential Information after the Executive ceases to be employed by the Company. Anything to the contrary notwithstanding, nothing in this Section 7 shall prevent the Executive from retaining a home computer (provided all Confidential Information has been removed), papers and other materials of a personal nature, including diaries, calendars and Rolodexes, information relating to his compensation or relating to reimbursement of expenses, information that may be needed for tax purposes, and copies of plans, programs and agreements relating to his employment.