Patent Sample Clauses

Patent. The development of patentable inventions or discoveries is not the primary purpose of the research activities of the faculty. Employees have no obligation to seek patent protection for the results of scientific work nor to modify research to enhance patentability.
Patent. Each contributor gives a cross-license for the project covering any patent claims they can license or become able to license to each other contributor.
Patent. 3.3.1 This platform is an application developed on measure that uses and incorporates several “open source” and/or proprietary components and it cannot under any circumstances be the subject of a patent or intellectual property, except for the name and the data generated by the Client and its counterparties participating in the clinical study. However, the Service Provider undertakes not to file any patent application relating to the Developments or any other element of the XXXX Clinical Data Platform.
Patent. Copyright.
Patent. All patent rights under this Subaward shall be as set forth in the clause contained in 37 C.F.R. § 401.14, and consistent with all other applicable federal law. 11.4. This section shall survive termination or expiration of this Subaward. Source: Various statutes depending on information; 2 CFR § 200.315 or 45 CFR § 75.322; HHS Grants Policy Statement; 37 CFR §§ 401 et seq.; Federal Notices of Award (as applicable).
Patent. Upon request by TRC, Owner shall deliver to TRC a full and irrevocable power of attorney authorizing TRC to apply for a United States mineral patent for all or any of the mining claims included in the Property, and Owner agrees not to object to, protest or adverse such application. If TRC, in its sole and absolute discretion, elects to apply for such a patent, application shall be made in Owner's name (unless the mining claims are Additional Lands owned by a third party). Upon request by TRC, Owner shall execute any and all documents in connection with the patent application. Any mineral patent issued with respect to the Property shall become part of the Property subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Patent. The Contractor shall hold and save CCBOE, its officers, agents and employees, harmless from liability of any kind, including costs and expenses, on account of any copyrighted material, patented or unpatented invention, articles, device or appliance manufactured or used in the performance of this contract, including use by the CCBOE.
Patent. On payment in full of the Purchase Price and Transaction Fees and compliance with all other terms of this Certificate, SITLA shall request the Governor of the State of Utah to issue a Patent to Purchaser for the Property, containing the reservations and exceptions set forth in Section 2 (Purchase and Sale of Property). Title does not transfer to Purchaser until issuance of the Patent; nevertheless, on Purchaser’s payment of the Purchase Price and Transaction Fees, the State of Utah is obligated to issue the Patent and its issuance is an administrative step only.
Patent. The BENEFICIARY undertakes to inform Bpifrance Financement of any patent taken over in France and abroad relating to the aid innovation program and not to abandon the aforementioned patents without having put Bpifrance Financement in a position to take such patents over free of charge in its name at least two months before the expiry date. In the event that Bpifrance Financement takes over the said patents, the latter will not be enforceable against the BENEFICIARY.
Patent. Debtor (either itself or through licensees) will, for each Patent, not do any act, or omit to do any act, whereby any Patent which is material to the conduct of Debtor's business may become invalidated or dedicated, and shall continue to mark xxx products covered by a Patent with the relevant patent number as required by the patent laws.