BID TABULATION. Bid files may be examined during normal working hours, thirty (30) days after bid opening, or upon recommendation for award, whichever occurs first. Bidders desiring to view these documents are urged to schedule an appointment. For information concerning this bid, please contact the Procurement Division at the address listed above or by calling (407) 836-5635. Please specify the bid number for which you are inquiring. Bid opening results will be available at the day following the Bid opening. Unsuccessful Bidders will not be notified, unless a request is submitted in accordance with this paragraph.
BID TABULATION. Tabulations for all bids will be posted for thirty (30) days after the bid opening in the Office of Purchasing and Contracting, 1117 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Savannah, Georgia 31406 or can be reviewed on the Purchasing web site 24/48 hours after opening at
BID TABULATION. Provide the County with bid tabulations, proposal forms, bid securities, proposed contracts, and executed letters of authorization no more than five (5) working days after bid opening.
BID TABULATION. Copy of bid tabulation may be received upon written request and by submitting a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
BID TABULATION. If, as a part of the Project, the Grantee will enter into a contract for goods or services that exceeds $25,000 or a contract for professional services that exceeds $20,000, the Grantee must email a completed Bid Tabulation, Requests for Proposals, and Requests for Bids to email address The Grantee must include the name of its preferred contractor/consultant. The SHPO must approve the contractor or consultant in writing. The resulting signed contract must be emailed to
BID TABULATION. A bid tabulation will be prepared for all bids received and recorded during the bid opening. Said bid tab shall remain as a permanent record in the bid folder. Upon completion of the bid opening, a copy of the bid tabulation, one complete set of bids and illustrative literature received will be delivered to the representative of the issuing department to be evaluated. The Materials Management staff will include an award form to be filled out by the evaluating department director.
BID TABULATION. Bid tabulations must contain the following information which includes but is not limited to:• the date and time of the bid opening• the project number• the amount of the bid• the Builder names,• whether a bid security was included along with the bid security amount• the listing of any applicable subcontractors.The chairman or designee will determine the responsiveness of all submitted bids. Certification of the bid tabulation is the responsibility of the Design Professional. Design Professional shall write on the Bid Tabulation, "Certification of the bid tabulation," then sign and date on the certification statement. Determination of the lowest responsible bidder is the responsibility of the University.


  • Ballots No ballot shall be required for any election unless requested by a shareholder present or represented at the meeting and entitled to vote in the election.

  • BID EVALUATION The Commissioner reserves the right to accept or reject any and all Bids, or separable portions of Bids, and waive technicalities, irregularities, and omissions if the Commissioner determines the best interests of the State will be served. The Commissioner, in his/her sole discretion, may accept or reject illegible, incomplete or vague Bids and his/her decision shall be final. A conditional or revocable Bid which clearly communicates the terms or limitations of acceptance may be considered, and Contract award may be made in compliance with the Bidder’s conditional or revocable terms in the Bid.

  • BID SUBMISSION All Bids are to be packaged, sealed and submitted to the location stated in the Bid Specifications. Bidders are solely responsible for timely delivery of their Bids to the location set forth in the Bid Specifications prior to the stated Bid opening date/time. A Bid return envelope, if provided with the Bid Specifications, should be used with the Bid sealed inside. If the Bid response does not fit into the envelope, the Bid envelope should be attached to the outside of the sealed box or package with the Bid inside. If using a commercial delivery company that requires use of their shipping package or envelope, Bidder’s sealed Bid, labeled as detailed below, should be placed within the shipper’s sealed envelope to ensure that the Bid is not prematurely opened. All Bids must have a label on the outside of the package or shipping container outlining the following information: “BID ENCLOSED (bold print, all capitals) • Group Number • IFB or RFP Number • Bid Submission date and time” In the event that a Bidder fails to provide such information on the return Bid envelope or shipping material, the receiving entity reserves the right to open the shipping package or envelope to determine the proper Bid number or Product group, and the date and time of Bid opening. Bidder shall have no claim against the receiving entity arising from such opening and such opening shall not affect the validity of the Bid or the procurement. Notwithstanding the receiving agency’s right to open a Bid to ascertain the foregoing information, Bidder assumes all risk of late delivery associated with the Bid not being identified, packaged or labeled in accordance with the foregoing requirements. All Bids must be signed by a person authorized to commit the Bidder to the terms of the Bid Documents and the content of the Bid (offer).