Credentials definition

Credentials means the unique log-in identifier entered via the Cloud Portal by which a person could access the Cloud Program.
Credentials means the cab card and plate issued in accordance with the plan.
Credentials means the Cab Card and Plate issued in accordance with the Plan.

Examples of Credentials in a sentence

  • The Dean/Chair/Program Director of the program involved will be charged with writing the justification and having it approved by the Credentials Committee before the candidate is employed.

  • The Credentials Committee will forward its recommendations to the MEC, which will review the matter and forward its recommendations to the Board for final action.

  • A request for a waiver shall be submitted to the Credentials Committee for consideration.

  • Other History:16 NMAC 5.12, Dentists, Licensure by Credentials, filed 07-31-95;16 NMAC 5.8, Dentists, Licensure by Credentials, filed 09-17-96 - renumbered, reformatted and amended to16.5.8 NMAC, Dentists, Licensure by Credentials, effective 12-14-00.TITLE 16 OCCUPATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LICENSING CHAPTER 5 DENTISTRY (DENTISTS, DENTAL HYGIENISTS, ETC.) PART 13 DENTISTS, LICENSE REVOCATION FOR NON-RENEWAL ISSUING AGENCY: New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care.

  • Teachers Without Credentials and Misassignments (considered “ineffective” under ESSA) Credentialed Teachers Assigned Out-of-Field (considered “out-of-field” under ESSA) 2021-22 Class Assignments 2022-23 Quality, Currency, Availability of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials All students at Lincoln have access to state-approved and district-adopted textbooks and instructional materials in all core academic areas.

More Definitions of Credentials

Credentials means cab cards, apportioned plates (for
Credentials means your personal credentials used to access the App and operate your Account;
Credentials means those records and recom- mendations kept on file by the placement office for job or college placement purposes.
Credentials means any log-in credentials (e.g., usernames and passwords) and any other security information required to access or use a Cox Product.
Credentials has the meaning provided in Section I.8 of this Agreement.
Credentials means the requisite documentation conferring either expressly or impliedly on the holder of a proper mandate and authority to act;
Credentials means any logins, passwords, IDs, user IDs, account IDs, certificates, tokens or any other assigned data or code for access to or use of any Third-Party Platform.