Prescriptions Sample Clauses

Prescriptions. Prescription drugs available at the Sindecuse Health Center pharmacy through the PPO plan’s five (5)-tier formulary with co-pay levels of $10/$30/$60/15%-$120/25%-$240, for generic, preferred brands, and non-preferred brands, preferred specialty, and non-preferred specialty, respectively. A ninety (90) day supply of maintenance drugs available for a 2.25x co-pay, except that “first fill” prescriptions will be limited to a 30-day supply at a reduced co-pay.
Prescriptions and bottles of these medications may be sought by individuals with chemical dependency and should be closely safeguarded. It is expected that you will take the highest possible degree of care with your medication and prescription. They should not be left where others might see or otherwise have access to them.
Prescriptions. Except as otherwise may be provided by law, lens prescriptions that may be written by Employee during the term of this agreement shall be and remain the exclusive property of Employer and Employee shall not use the same in any manner for any purpose whatever upon termination of the employment relationship without the prior written consent of Employer.
Prescriptions. Except with respect to prescriptions and pharmaceuticals ordered for in-patient hospital services, Provider shall abide by Health Plan’s drug formularies and prescription policies, including those regarding the prescription of generic or lowest cost alternative brand name pharmaceuticals. Provider shall obtain prior authorization from Health Plan if Provider believes a generic equivalent or formulary drug should not be dispensed. Provider acknowledges the authority of Health Plan contracting pharmacists to substitute generics for brand name pharmaceuticals unless counter indicated on the prescription by the Provider.
Prescriptions. Drug Plan –35-cent deductible. The plan will pay for generic drugs only unless otherwise prescribed by the employee’s physician as being medically necessary, because the generic drug is inappropriate in the circumstance. Effective the first of the month following ratification one Zyban (3 mo.) treatment, one time for employee only will be provided. Dispensing fees will be capped at $9.00 effective December 16, 2006. The company will post a quarterly letter advising employees of current dispensing fees in Woodstock.
Prescriptions. 2.1. In the dynamic test prescribed in paragraph 3. of this annex, there shall be no rupture of any anchorage or surrounding area. A programmed rupture necessary for the functioning of the load limiter device is however permitted. The minimum spacings for the effective lower anchorages specified in paragraph of this Regulation, and the requirements for the effective upper anchorages specified in paragraph of this Regulation and, when applicable, completed by the following paragraph 2.1.1., shall be respected.
Prescriptions. Preferred Rx - 20% co-payment at any network pharmacy. Drugs purchased at non-network pharmacies are reimbursed at 50% of our allowance. Generics are required. EMERGENCY AND URGENT CARE Emergency Room $100 co-payment for treatment of a serious injury or the sudden and unexpected onset of a severe illness or accident that could cause a serious health risk or death if not treated immediately (co-payment waived if admitted). Urgi-Centers $10 co-payment. INPATIENT SERVICES Hospitalization* 100% coverage. Unlimited days of care in a semiprivate room. Includes medical/surgical & maternity care. Skilled nursing facility when medically necessary. Inpatient Rehab Facility 100% coverage limited to 45 days of care. Organ Transplant* 100% coverage for eligible costs associated with kidney, cornea, allogenic bone marrow, heart, lung, heart-lung, liver, pancreas, and small intestine transplants. MENTAL HEALTH & SUBSTANCE ABUSE (MSHA) Inpatient MH* 100% coverage for up to 45 days per calendar year (up to 90 days per admission for serious mental illness). No coverage without pre-authorization. 80% coverage at RI non-participating providers; 50% at out-of-area non-participating providers. Outpatient MH* $15 co-payment per individual session/$10 co-payment per group session; up to 20 visits per calendar year. No coverage without pre-authorization. Inpatient SA* 100% coverage. Detoxification - 3 admissions per year or 21 days, whichever comes first. Rehabilitation - 30 days in any 12-month period; lifetime limit of 90 days per member. No coverage without pre- authorization. 80% coverage at RI non-participating providers; 50% at out-of-area non- participating providers. Outpatient SA* $15 co-payment per individual session/$10 per group session. Limited to 30 hours per patient, 20 hours for family members, per 12-month period. No coverage without pre-authorization. 80% coverage at RI non-participating providers; 50% at out-of- area non-participating providers. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy – Outpatient 100% coverage in the outpatient hospital department following a hospital stay. 80% coverage in provider’s office. Chiropractic Care $10 co-payment – limited to 12 visits per calendar year. Private Duty Nursing* & Ambulance 80% coverage. Includes private ground ambulance services and municipal ambulance services for non-residents. Does not cover air ambulance services or municipal ambulance services for residents. Durable Medical Equipment 80% covera...
Prescriptions.  100% prescription coverage based on National Formulary; 70% coverage for prescriptions not covered under the National Formulary  Dispensing fee cap of $8.50 Additional Health Coverage  100% subject to plan maximums and “reasonable and customary” expenses  100% for Diabetic supplies and equipmentSemi-private hospital roomPrivate duty nursing $10,000 calendar year ($25,000 lifetime maximum)  Paramedical $500 per practitioner per year for Chiropractor/Osteopath/ Naturopath/Podiatrist/Massage Therapist/AcupunctureUnlimited Physiotherapy for reasonable and customary chargesPsychologist/Speech Therapist $1,000 per year  $500 every 60 months for Hearing AidsFull coverage for one pair of Orthopedic Shoes per year for reasonable and customary charges  $300 per year for prescribed custom-made Orthotics Emergency Ambulance  To the nearest Canadian hospital equipped to provide essential care  Air transport when time is critical or condition prevents use of another mode of transport  Transport from one hospital to another when original hospital inadequate  Charge for an attendant when medically necessary Medical Aids and Supplies (charges for the following service and supplies)  Oxygen blood and blood plasmaLab tests and diagnostic services (not under gov. plan)  Ostomy and ilestomy supplies  Walkers, canes and cane tips, crutches, splints, casts, collars and trusses, but not elastic or foam supportsRigid support braces and permanent prostheses (maximum $10,000 per prostheses)  Post-mastectomy bras 2 per calendar year  Xxxxx socks 6 pairs per calendar  Wigs and hair pieces for medical treatment, injury alopecia ($500 per lifetime) Standard Durable Medical Equipment (preauthorization may be required):  Manual wheelchairs, manual-type hospital beds, and necessary accessories  Medical heart and blood glucose monitors, and cardiac screenersBio-osteogen systems and growth guidance systems  Breathing machines and appliances including respirators, compressors, precursors, suction pumps, oxygen cylinders, masks, and regulators (charges for rental)  Insulin infusion set, not including pumps Vision Care  $200 for prescription eyewear every 24 months (12 months for dependent children) including sunglasses and safety lenses (employees may use benefit for a one-time application towards laser eye surgery)  1 eye exam every 24 months (12 months for dependent children) up to $60 Dental Coverage Basic Services  100% of routine treatment ...