Prescriptions Sample Clauses

Prescriptions and bottles of these medications may be sought by individuals with chemical dependency and should be closely safeguarded. It is expected that you will take the highest possible degree of care with your medication and prescription. They should not be left where others might see or otherwise have access to them.
Prescriptions. Drugs, including injectable drugs and serum, that can only be obtained upon medical prescription, that are prescribed by a physician and that are supplied by a licensed pharmacist when medically necessary for emergency medical treatment of a Pandemic related illness, except when needed to stabilize a chronic condition or a medical condition which you had before your trip. This benefit is limited to a 30-day supply per prescription, except while you are hospitalized.
Prescriptions. Nurses may purchase available prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs from the Hospital pharmacy at cost plus a reasonable handling charge to be established by the Employer.
Prescriptions. Prescription drugs available at the Sindecuse Health Center pharmacy through the PPO plan’s five (5)-tier formulary with co-pay levels of $10/$30/$60/15%-$120/25%-$240, for generic, preferred brands, and non-preferred brands, preferred specialty, and non-preferred specialty, respectively. A ninety (90) day supply of maintenance drugs available for a 2.25x co-pay, except that “first fill” prescriptions will be limited to a 30-day supply at a reduced co-pay.
Prescriptions. Arundel Pediatrics processes prescription refills on weekdays only. We do not process prescription requests on weekends. When requesting refills, your chart must be reviewed by your physician before a prescription can be filled. Our office requires three business days to process a prescription request. Prescriptions may be requested over the phone or online at our website via the patient portal at If your child is on a medication that is refilled on a monthly basis, please plan accordingly when requesting prescriptions. We will not mail prescriptions unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided. Controlled substances can be sent to the pharmacy electronically. Same day or rush prescriptions for routine medication refills are available for an expedited fee of $10. FORMS: School, Daycare, Sports Physical and other forms require three business days to complete unless presented at the time of a well child visit. Forms dropped off, except during well child visits, require a $10 processing fee. For rush or same day turnaround of forms, there is an additional rush fee of $10 (for a total of $20). We do not mail forms; however, you may provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for mailing. REFERRALS: If you require a referral to see a specialist, you must first schedule your appointment, before a referral can be issued. Our office requires five business days to process a referral. You may go to our website to request referrals or you may phone a request to the office referral line. Please leave all pertinent information for the referral to be processed. You referral will be faxed to the specialist once it has been processed. Referral requests are only honored prior to the patient’s appointments. We will not backdate referrals. We are under legal obligation to all insurance companies to process referrals according to Maryland State Law.
Prescriptions. Except with respect to prescriptions and pharmaceuticals ordered for in-patient hospital services, Provider shall abide by MCO’s drug formularies and prescription policies, including those regarding the prescription of generic or lowest cost alternative brand name pharmaceuticals. Provider shall obtain prior authorization from MCO if Provider believes a generic equivalent or formulary drug should not be dispensed. Provider acknowledges the authority of MCO contracting pharmacists to substitute generics for brand name pharmaceuticals unless counter indicated on the prescription by the Provider.
Prescriptions. Drug Plan –35-cent deductible. The plan will pay for generic drugs only unless otherwise prescribed by the employee’s physician as being medically necessary, because the generic drug is inappropriate in the circumstance. Effective the first of the month following ratification one Zyban (3 mo.) treatment, one time for employee only will be provided. Dispensing fees will be capped at $9.00 effective December 16, 2006. The company will post a quarterly letter advising employees of current dispensing fees in Woodstock.
Prescriptions. Except as otherwise may be provided by law, lens prescriptions that may be written by Employee during the term of this agreement shall be and remain the exclusive property of Employer and Employee shall not use the same in any manner for any purpose whatever upon termination of the employment relationship without the prior written consent of Employer.
Prescriptions. Prescriptions shall be provided to the employee and dependents as set forth in the health plan selected by the employee.
Prescriptions. Approved Prescriptions and prescription refills will be called in within forty-eight (48) regular business hours of an appointment or time of request.