Prescriptions Sample Clauses

Prescriptions. Except as otherwise may be provided by law, lens prescriptions that may be written by Employee during the term of this agreement shall be and remain the exclusive property of Employer and Employee shall not use the same in any manner for any purpose whatever upon termination of the employment relationship without the prior written consent of Employer.
Prescriptions. Except with respect to prescriptions and pharmaceuticals ordered for in-patient hospital services, Provider shall abide by MCO’s drug formularies and prescription policies, including those regarding the prescription of generic or lowest cost alternative brand name pharmaceuticals. Provider shall obtain prior authorization from MCO if Provider believes a generic equivalent or formulary drug should not be dispensed. Provider acknowledges the authority of MCO contracting pharmacists to substitute generics for brand name pharmaceuticals unless counter indicated on the prescription by the Provider.
Prescriptions. 2.1. In the dynamic test prescribed in paragraph 3. of this annex, there shall be no rupture of any anchorage or surrounding area. A programmed rupture necessary for the functioning of the load limiter device is however permitted. The minimum spacings for the effective lower anchorages specified in paragraph of this Regulation, and the requirements for the effective upper anchorages specified in paragraph of this Regulation and, when applicable, completed by the following paragraph 2.1.1., shall be respected.
Prescriptions. Prescription drugs shall be available at the Sindecuse Health Center pharmacy through the PPO plan’s five (5)-tier formulary with co-pay levels of $10/$30/$60/15%-$120/25%-$240, for generic, preferred brands, and non-preferred brands, preferred specialty, and non-preferred specialty, respectively. A ninety (90) day supply of maintenance drugs will be available for a 2.25x co-pay, except that “first fill” prescriptions will be limited to a 30-day supply at a reduced co-pay.
Prescriptions. Prescriptions shall be provided to the employee and dependents as set forth in the health plan selected by the employee.
Prescriptions. Board to provide same coverage regarding prescription plan as teachers have with same cap.
Prescriptions. (2) Vision care $ 200/24 months
Prescriptions. Prescription drugs and medications shall be available at the Sindecuse Center Pharmacy according to the following three-tier co-pay structure: Until 12/31/13 Tier 1- Generic- $10.00 Tier 2- Formulary Brand- $25.00 Tier 3- Non-formulary Brand- $25.00