Sunnyvale Sample Clauses

Sunnyvale. Company Residence (State) Vendor's principal place of business is in the state of? CA 3 Discount Offered - CAUTION READ CAREFULLY BECAUSE VENDORS FREQUENTLY MAKE MISTAKES 5 ON THIS ATTRIBUTE QUESTION Remember this is a MINIMUM discount percentage. So, be sure that the discount percentage inserted here can be applied to ANY OFFERING OF GOODS OR SERVICES THROUGHOUT THE LIFE OF THE CONTRACT. CAUTION: BE CERTAIN YOU CAN HONOR THIS MINIMUM DISCOUNT PERCENTAGE ON ANY OFFERED SERVICE OR GOOD NOW OR DURING THE LIFE OF THE CONTRACT. What is the MINIMUM percentage discount off of any item or service you offer to TIPS Members that is in your regular catalog (as defined in the solicitation specifications document), website, store or shelf pricing or when adding new goods or services to your offerings during the life of the contract? The resulting price of any goods or services Catalog list prices after this discount is applied is a ceiling on your pricing and not a floor because, in order to be more competitive in the individual circumstance, you may offer a larger discount depending on the items or services purchased and the quantity at time of sale. Please note that any specific greater discount offered for a particular product, brand, or service listed in Vendor's proposal will control and Vendor will be required to honor that greater specific discount, in excess of the minimum discount, for that particular product, brand, or service for the life of the contract. Must answer with a number between 0% and 100%.
Sunnyvale. CA 94085 (or such other address as may be designated by the Company in writing to Holder) and if to the Holder, to such address as shall be designated by the Holder in writing to the Company.
Sunnyvale. Company Residence (State) Vendor's principal place of business is in the state of? Texas TIPS administration fee By submitting a proposal, I agree that all pricing submitted to TIPS shall include the participation fee, as designated in the solicitation or as otherwise agreed in writing and shall be remitted to TIPS by the Vendor as agreed in the Vendor agreement. I agree that the fee shall not and will not be added by the vendor as a separate line item on a TIPS member invoice, quote, proposal or any other written communications with the TIPS member. TlPS/ESC Region 8 is required by Texas Government Code § 791 to be compensated for its work and thus, failure to agree shall render your response void and it will not be considered. Yes - No Vendor agrees to remit to TIPS the required administration fee? Yes Regular Hours Coefficient What is your regular hours coefficient for the RS Means Price Book? Example:
Sunnyvale. Santa Clara, San Jose CA 94085, 95054, 95112 Santa Clara

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