Digital Certificate definition

Digital Certificate means an electronic device used to verify identity or protect electronic messages.
Digital Certificate means data or a device which enables a person to verify that a data message has been sent or created by a specific person and which data or device has been issued by a third party or by an information system on behalf of that third party;
Digital Certificate means an electronic attestation which links signature-verification data of a person and confirms the identity and attribute of that person including customer's name, public key, and related information;

Examples of Digital Certificate in a sentence

  • These instructions are supplemented with more detailed guidelines on the relevant screens of the e- Tender.3. Digital Certificates:For integrity of data and its authenticity/ non-repudiation of electronic records, and be compliant with IT Act 2000, it is necessary for each user to have a Digital Certificate (DC).

  • Please note Encryption certificate is also required along with Digital Certificate Class III [Organization in order to submit bid in system.

  • Since these Regulations came into operation, you must file your return online (e-file) through Revenue OnLine Service (ROS) unless: • one of the exceptions listed below applies, or• Revenue exempts you from the requirement to file online.You must be registered to use ROS and you must have a ROS Digital Certificate in order to make the return.

  • Before you apply, you should ask your firm's ROS Administrator if the firm already has a ROS Digital Certificate.

  • Filing onlineOnce you are registered for ROS and have your ROS Digital Certificate, you can file a return online.

More Definitions of Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate means a certificate issued to a Professional Registrant by a Certificate Authority that attests to the legitimacy of information through the use of encryption.
Digital Certificate means any certificate issued by a certification authority (as defined in ETO) that BEA has accepted for use in a transaction through the Cyberbanking;
Digital Certificate means an electronic identification key that allows for the authentication of Devices on the cable network or, in the case of a CVC, ensures secure software downloads from a cable operator to a cable subscriber.
Digital Certificate means a record that, at a minimum (a) identifies the Certification Authority issuing it, (b) names or otherwise identifies its Subscriber, (c) contains a Public Key that corresponds to a Private Key under the control of the Subscriber, (d) identifies its operational period, and (e) contains a serial number and is Digitally Signed by the issuing Certification Authority.
Digital Certificate means a certificate issued digitally by LINZ which allows secure access to Landonline;
Digital Certificate means an electronic attestation which links a Public Key to the person for whom the corresponding Private Key was generated and confirms the identity of that person;
Digital Certificate means an electronic signature used to establish a secure electronic connection for communication purposes;