Studio Sample Clauses

Studio. (a) For any purpose, the minimum crew shall be one Technical Director.
Studio. Purchaser shall retain the right to use the 10280 West Pico Boulevard studio space rent free until the first to occur of the Closing or the termination of the Agreement.
Studio. If Lauren or the Design Studio fails or is unable to exercise such right within thirty (30) days (fifteen (15) days with respect to sub-paragraph (g) of this paragraph 2), Lauren shall be deemed to have given his approval to the Company with respect to the matter as to which his approval was sought or otherwise required.
Studio. Studio can be contacted via the following methods: 1. Telephone: (973) 287-4029
Studio. The funding will be tied to the Scope of Work (“SOW”) in Exhibit 1.
Studio. Studio agrees to defend, protect, indemnify and hold harmless Sub-Contractor and its permitted assignees, Affiliates, officers, directors, employees, shareholders, representatives, agents and attorneys (collectively, the “Sub-Contractor Indemnitees”) from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, actions, judgments, suits, claims, costs, expenses and disbursements of any kind whatsoever (including, the fees and disbursements of counsel for Sub-Contractor Indemnitees) in connection with any dispute, action, suit or claim or any investigative, administrative or judicial proceeding imposed on, incurred by, or asserted against Sub-Contractor Indemnitees (whether direct, indirect or consequential and whether based on any federal, provincial or state laws or other statutory regulations, under common law or at equitable cause, or under contract or otherwise), arising from or in connection with a breach by Studio of its covenants, agreements, representations or warranties hereunder (the “Sub-Contractor Indemnified Matters”); provided, however, Studio shall have no obligation to a Sub-Contractor Indemnitee hereunder with respect to Sub-Contractor Indemnified Matters to the extent caused by or resulting from the wilful misconduct or gross negligence of a Sub-Contractor Indemnitee, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction or a final arbitral decision. All of the foregoing indemnifications and obligations of Studio shall survive the termination of other provisions of this Agreement.
Studio. Item Status Recommend ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Sony BVP-150 camera in use replace Portable tripod 2 Pedestal Tripods in use Portable screen tripod Flat reflective screen 6 misc. chairs Desk Table Monitor Pulpit 2 tape shelves Metal storage cabinet Camera storage shelf Misc. stored video tapes Vacuum cleaner Fire extinguisher 3 camera boxes Misc. stage risers Misc. props misc. studio items Overhead lighting Grid 10 misc. studio lights on grid Large cork mounting board Misc. cables and wires Misc. audio supplies
Studio. The Studio, which has been constructed as an area for exploratory drama where no dividing line can be drawn between audience and stage area, shall function with the maximum amount of co-operation and understanding between the performing company and the workers governed by this Agreement. Workers who shall be called as needed shall not work within defined departments but rather assisting each other to fulfill the varying needs of the presentations. The Centre will appoint an Assistant Department Head for the Studio to be called on an as-required basis. For Studio calls, the Assistant will be the second person called. If the Assistant Department Head is not available, the Centre and the Union will mutually agree on a qualified person to be called as a replacement. If the Department Head is not available, the Assistant Department Head will be called to replace the Head.
Studio. Section B is only appicable for Studios registered under Master Account. Studio enters into this Services Agreement in view of providing Services to Website Operator. For this purpose, Studio may contract with Studio Performer. In any case, Studio is the solely responsible against WEBSITE OPERATOR for Services rendered by Studio Performers. The Studio understands and agrees that the services to be rendered by Studio Performers (hereafter referred to as the „Studio Performers Services”) under the terms and conditions of the contract concluded between the Studio and the Studio Performers (hereafter referred to as the „Studio Performer Contract”) are of adult entertainment nature, namely, to perform live webcam shows and chat through the Studio equipments for the entertainment of Visitors/Subscribers all over the world, who have selected such Studio Performers according to live streams, images, offline (teaser) and paying videos. The Studio understands and agrees that it is its responsibility to determine the terms and conditions of the Studio Performer Contract, which the Studio shall autonomously and independently determine without any influence of Website Operator, provided that such Studio Performer Contract does not result in the violation of the Studio’s obligations under the present Services Agreement and while procuring that Studio Performers must obey to rules that would be substantially similar to these under § 1.A of this agreement. Accordingly, the Studio Performers shall not be in a contractual or other relationship of any nature with Website Operator. The Studio agrees that it shall remain solely and completely responsible and liable for all the content, actions, shows, videos, chat, dialogue, and any other Studio Performers Services rendered under the Studio Performer Contract. In order to improve the efficiency of the Studio Performers Services, I, as a Studio, am authorized to use the help desk provided by Website Operator and its affiliates, whenever deemed convenient. I, as a Studio, hereby certify that Website Operator does not possess any power of direction, subordination, or other kind of authority over me. Consequently the present Services Agreement does not determine the place or schedule for the Studio Performers to render the Studio Performers Services, which are determined in the Studio Performer Contract. Website Operator does not tell me what my lawful content or the Studio Performers Services shall be, since I am fully aware, as ...
Studio. ‌ Any space used to house a set, an Ultimate, e.g. Blue Screen, and/or items used for optical or special effects with a view to recording there and which might be reproduced elsewhere.