Section 8.4.2 Sample Clauses

Section 8.4.2. 8 Unpaid meal periods are the employee's personal time. Employees may leave their assigned 9 campus during meal periods provided any signing out procedures are complied with. If an 10 employee is directed to be on call during an unpaid meal period, and during the thirty (30) 11 minute meal period the employee; a) can pursue his or her mealtime adequately and 12 comfortably, b) is not engaged in the performance of any substantial duties, and c) does not 13 spend time predominantly for the District's benefit, the employee who is on call is considered 14 relieved of duty and is not entitled to compensation.
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Section 8.4.2. 14 This bereavement leave is not deducted from sick leave and is noncumulative.
Section 8.4.2. Members who work just the school year will have their vacation paid in twelve (12) equal payments.
Section 8.4.2. 46 The District shall grant leave for a work related illness or injury up to one (1) year. If additional 47 time is necessary, written application must be made to the District and up to one (1) additional 48 year may be granted at the District’s discretion. An employee who has been on protracted illness 1 leave under this section shall give thirty (30) days’ notice in writing of intent to return to work. 2 Upon returning, the employee shall be reinstated to the position held prior to going on leave, 3 unless the position has been abolished or a general reduction in force has placed an employee with 4 more seniority in the position. In those cases, the employee shall be reinstated to as equivalent a 5 position as possible without conflicting with the terms of Article X.

Related to Section 8.4.2

  • Section 5.1 6 It is agreed and understood that matters appropriate for negotiations between the District and the 7 Association shall be with respect to grievance procedures and collective negotiations on personnel 8 matters, including wages, hours and working conditions of employees in this bargaining unit.

  • Section 7.4 31 In the event an employee is assigned to a shift less than the normal work shift previously defined in the 32 Article, the employee shall be given a fifteen (15) minute rest period for each two (2) hours of work.

  • Section 6.3 27 The workweek shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, Monday through Friday, followed by two (2) 28 consecutive days of rest, Saturday and Sunday except as provided in Section 6.3.1.

  • Section 7.2 25 Each employee shall be assigned to a definite and regular shift and workweek, which shall not be 26 changed without prior notice to the employee of two (2) calendar weeks, except in emergencies.

  • Section 11.1 28 The District shall have the right to discipline or discharge an employee for justifiable cause. The issue 29 of justifiable cause shall be resolved in accordance with the grievance procedure hereinafter provided.

  • Section 14.2 16 All employees subject to this Agreement who are not members of the Association on the effective date of 17 this Agreement, and all employees subject to this Agreement who are hired at a time subsequent to the 18 effective date of this Agreement, shall, as a condition of employment, become members in good standing 19 of the Association within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Agreement or within thirty (30) days 20 of the hire date, whichever is applicable. Such employee shall then maintain membership in the 21 Association in good standing during the period of this Agreement.

  • Section 6.2 13 The Association representatives may represent the Association and employees in meeting with officials 14 of the District to discuss appropriate matters of mutual interest. They may receive and investigate to 15 conclusion complaints or grievances of employees on District time and thereafter advise employees of 16 rights and procedures outlined in this Agreement and applicable regulations or directives for resolving 17 the grievances or complaints. They may not, however, continue to advise the employee on courses of 18 action after the employee has indicated a desire not to pursue a grievance. This does not, however, 19 preclude the Association's right to pursue the matter to conclusion. They may consult with the District 20 on complaints without a grievance being made by an individual employee.

  • Section 14.3 45 The parties recognize that an employee should have the option of declining to participate as a member 46 in the Association, yet contribute financially to the activities of the Association in representing such 47 employee as a member of the collective bargaining unit. Therefore, as an alternative to, and in lieu of 48 the membership requirements of the previous sections of this Article, an employee who declines 1 membership in the Association may pay to the Association each month a representation fee as a 2 contribution towards the administration of this Agreement in an amount equal to the regular monthly 3 dues. This representation fee shall be collected by the Association in the same manner as monthly 4 dues.

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