Reversion of Rights Sample Clauses

Reversion of Rights. Upon expiration or termination and subject to Section 15.3, the licenses and related rights herein granted to Publisher shall immediately revert to the SCE Company, and Publisher shall cease from any further use of the SCE Confidential Information, Licensed Trademarks and the SCE Materials and any SCE Intellectual Property Rights therein, and, subject to the provisions of Section 15.3, Publisher shall have no further right to continue the development, publication, manufacture, marketing, advertising, sale or other distribution of any Licensed Products, or to continue to use any Licensed Trademarks; provided, however, that for a period of one year after the effective date of termination, and subject to all the terms of Section 13, and provided this Agreement is not terminated due to any breach or default by Publisher, Publisher may retain such portions of the SCE Materials and the SCE Confidential Information as the SCE Company in its sole discretion agrees are required to support end users who possess Licensed Products but must return all these materials at the end of such one year period. Upon expiration or termination, the licenses and related rights herein granted to the SCE Company by Publisher shall immediately revert to Publisher, and the SCE Company shall cease from any further use of Product Information and any Publisher Intellectual Property Rights therein; provided that the SCE Company may continue the manufacture, marketing, advertising, sale and other such distribution of any SCE Company demonstration discs containing Publisher’s Product Information which Publisher had previously approved.
Reversion of Rights. If the Contribution is not published in the Journal or any other of the Publishersproducts within 12 months of final acceptance by BMJ, (or as otherwise agreed in writing), any Licence granted herein shall automatically terminate and all rights shall revert to the copyright owner. The Publishers may keep a copy of the Contribution as a record (including via any contractor). Rights Granted to Owners of the Contribution Ownership of copyright remains with the author(s) or their employers if they are acting in the course of their employment. All rights not expressly granted are, subject to the Licence terms, reserved by the Publishers. In return for the grant of the Licence herein, the copyright owner(s) shall have the following rights for non-Commercial Use (unless otherwise stated) of the Contribution:
Reversion of Rights. Articles may sometimes be accepted for publication, but later rejected in the publication process, even in some cases after public posting, in which case all rights will revert to the author (see ASERS Publishingwithdrawal policy).
Reversion of Rights. 18.1 The BBC shall not be obliged to use the Script in any way and if it does not do so it shall not be liable to the Writer for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the Writer for any failure to obtain publicity or for any loss of opportunity to enhance the Writer’s reputation.
Reversion of Rights. Upon termination of this Agreement by NSI all rights and licenses herein granted to NSUSA shall immediately cease and shall revert to NSI, and NSUSA shall cease representing to any third party that it has any right to use, assign, convey or otherwise transfer the Licensed Property.
Reversion of Rights. Any rights granted to the Publisher shall revert to the Author in the event that the Contribution is not published in the Journal or equivalent publication as decided by the Publisher within a period of 12 months from the date of submission of the Contribution to the Publisher.
Reversion of Rights a) In the event
Reversion of Rights. All rights pursuant to clauses 2 to 4 shall revert to the Author should the Article be rejected during the publication process.
Reversion of Rights. All rights or title to any intellectual property arising from the performance of the project that are vested in Grantee shall revert to the State under any of the following circumstances unless Grantee repays to the State those funds provided by the State under this grant agreement within ninety (90) days of receipt of a notice in writing from the State of a claim under this paragraph: