Retroactive Sample Clauses

Retroactive. The Company acknowledges that any compensation increase negotiated during the remainder of the Employment Period shall be made retroactive to January 1, 2008.
Retroactive. Section 1. It is hereby mutually agreed between the City and the Union that all terms and provisions of this agreement regardless of date of final approval, will be retroactive beginning October 1, 2017.
Retroactive. Nothing in this Agreement, which changes pre-existing Board policy, rules andregulations shall operate retroactively unless expressly so stated.
Retroactive. It is agreed that any changes in wages resulting from negotiations shall be retroactive to the anniversary date of this contract.
Retroactive. Compensation at the higher rate shall commence on the sixth working day and be retroactive to the first day.
Retroactive. 9 Retroactive pay, if applicable, shall be paid on the first regular payday following execution of 10 this Agreement.
Retroactive. 18.12.1 Leave benefits shall be retroactive to the date on which the employee last entered the service of the Employer, provided that an employee who has returned to the service of the Employer, and has refunded their gratuity, shall have leave benefits retroactive to the original date of entry into the service of the Employer.
Retroactive. When a grievance which affects an employee’s rate of pay is settled in his favour, it shall be made retroactive to the time the grievance occurred.