Reimbursement to the District Sample Clauses

Reimbursement to the District for Summer Insurance Premiums Nine-, ten-, and eleven-month employees who terminate their employment with the District at the end of the summer recess shall reimburse the District for the full cost of insurance premiums which may be due for the non-work period.
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Reimbursement to the District. 37 The Association shall reimburse the District on a quarterly basis based on up to 0.6 FTE 38 of the combined salary and benefits specified in the first cell of the MA column of the 39 current salary schedule (see Appendix A), unless authorized otherwise pursuant to 40 Article 19.A. 41
Reimbursement to the District. An employee will be required to reimburse the District the cost of any course or activity purchased on their behalf if one or more of the following conditions occur:

Related to Reimbursement to the District

  • REIMBURSEMENT TO THE ADVISOR The Company shall not reimburse the Advisor for Total Operating Expenses to the extent that Total Operating Expenses (including the Asset Management Fee), in the four consecutive fiscal quarters then ended (the “Expense Year”) exceed (the “Excess Amount”) the greater of 2% of Average Invested Assets or 25% of Net Income for that period of four consecutive fiscal quarters. Any Excess Amount paid to the Advisor during a fiscal quarter shall be repaid to the Company. Reimbursement of all or any portion of the Total Operating Expenses that exceed the limitation set forth in the preceding sentence may, at the option of the Advisor, be deferred without interest and may be reimbursed in any subsequent Expense Year where such limitation would permit such reimbursement if the Total Operating Expense were incurred during such period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if there is an Excess Amount in any Expense Year and the Independent Directors determine that all or a portion of such excess was justified, based on unusual and nonrecurring factors which they deem sufficient, the Excess Amount may be reimbursed to the Advisor. If the Independent Directors determine such excess was justified, then, after the end of any fiscal quarter of the Company for which there is an Excess Amount for the 12 months then ended paid to the Advisor, the Advisor, at the direction of the Independent Directors, shall cause such fact to be disclosed in the next quarterly report of the Company or in a separate writing and sent to the Stockholders within 60 days of such quarter end, together with an explanation of the factors the Independent Directors considered in determining that such Excess Amount was justified. Such determination shall be reflected in the minutes of the meetings of the Board. The Company will not reimburse the Advisor or its Affiliates for services for which the Advisor or its Affiliates are entitled to compensation in the form of a separate fee. All figures used in any computation pursuant to this Section 3.04 shall be determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles applied on a consistent basis.

  • Reimbursement by Xxxxxxx To the extent that the Loan Parties for any reason fail to indefeasibly pay any amount required under subsection (a) or (b) of this Section to be paid by them to the Administrative Agent (or any sub-agent thereof) or any Related Party of any of the foregoing, each Lender severally agrees to pay to the Administrative Agent (or any such sub-agent) or such Related Party, as the case may be, such Xxxxxx’s pro rata share (determined as of the time that the applicable unreimbursed expense or indemnity payment is sought based on each Lender’s Applicable Percentage of the Loan held by all Lenders at such time) of such unpaid amount (including any such unpaid amount in respect of a claim asserted by such Lender), such payment to be made severally among them based on such Lenders’ Applicable Percentage (determined as of the time that the applicable unreimbursed expense or indemnity payment is sought), provided, further that, the unreimbursed expense or indemnified loss, claim, damage, liability or related expense, as the case may be, was incurred by or asserted against the Administrative Agent (or any such sub-agent) in its capacity as such, or against any Related Party of any of the foregoing acting for the Administrative Agent (or any such sub-agent) in connection with such capacity. The obligations of the Lenders under this subsection (c) are subject to the provisions of Section 2.12(d).

  • Reimbursement of Legal Fees Subject to subsection (b), in the event of the Executive’s Separation from Service either (1) prior to a Change in Control, or (2) on or within two (2) years following a Change in Control, the Company shall reimburse the Executive for all legal fees and expenses (including but not limited to fees and expenses in connection with any arbitration) incurred by the Executive in disputing any issue arising under this Agreement relating to the Executive’s Separation from Service or in seeking to obtain or enforce any benefit or right provided by this Agreement.

  • Cooperation Prior to the Distribution Prior to the Distribution:

  • Reimbursement of Legal Expenses The Company shall promptly reimburse Executive for all reasonable legal fees incurred by Executive in connection with the preparation, negotiation and execution of this Agreement and ancillary documents.

  • Reimbursement of Travel Expenses If the Servicer provides access to the Review Materials at one of its properties, the Issuer will reimburse the Asset Representations Reviewer for its reasonable travel expenses incurred in connection with the Review on receipt of a detailed invoice.

  • Repayment to the Company Any money deposited with the Trustee or any Paying Agent, or then held by the Company, in trust for the payment of the principal of, premium, if any, or interest on any Note and remaining unclaimed for two years after such principal, and premium, if any, or interest has become due and payable shall be paid to the Company upon its request or (if then held by the Company) shall be discharged from such trust; and the Holder of such Note shall thereafter look only to the Company for payment thereof, and all liability of the Trustee or such Paying Agent with respect to such trust money, and all liability of the Company as trustee thereof, shall thereupon cease; provided, however, that the Trustee or such Paying Agent, before being required to make any such repayment, shall at the expense of the Company cause to be published once, in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal (national edition), notice that such money remains unclaimed and that, after a date specified therein, which shall not be less than 30 days from the date of such notification or publication, any unclaimed balance of such money then remaining shall be repaid to the Company.

  • Reimbursement of General Partner (a) Except as provided in this Section 6.5 and elsewhere in this Agreement (including the provisions of Articles 5 and 6 regarding distributions, payments, and allocations to which it may be entitled), the General Partner shall not be compensated for its services as general partner of the Partnership.

  • Reimbursement of Costs City may reimburse Consultant’s out-of-pocket costs incurred by Consultant in the performance of the Required Services if negotiated in advance and included in Exhibit A. Unless specifically provided in Exhibit A, Consultant shall be responsible for any and all out-of-pocket costs incurred by Consultant in the performance of the Required Services.

  • Reimbursement Payments The Department shall, to the extent funds are available, reimburse the Grantee for eligible claims presented for payment if the Department determines the requirements for reimbursement have been met. Claims under this Contract can only be made for the period this Contract is in effect. Reimbursement programs include the following:

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