Regarding the Sample Clauses

Regarding the as per Section 2.1 actual (****) will be communicated to RP by Colgate or any Colgate affiliate or entities through a local supply agreement including a written purchase or release order, or electronically or by any means mutually agreed by the two parties. Colgate or its affiliates or entities purchasing under this Agreement agree to supply RP with forecasts of Product (unless otherwise specified by the purchaser under this Agreement), as appropriate, which may be updated within the first ten days of every month. The amount of Product actually purchased by Colgate or its entities or affiliates under this Agreement shall vary based upon its or their actual production (****). The aforesaid forecasts shall be neither a minimum nor maximum purchase guarantee but rather shall serve as an estimate of Colgate volume (****); provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of Section 2.2(d) and Exhibit B relating to the payments owed by Colgate affiliates or entities irrespective of its or their actual purchases of Product under this Agreement shall nevertheless apply.
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