TOTAL AREA Sample Clauses

TOTAL AREA. (a) In existing facilities, the combined floor space of dining, recreation, and activity areas shall not be less than 15 square feet per bed. Solaria and lobby sitting space may be included, but shall not include required exit paths. A required exit path in these areas shall be at least 4 feet wide.
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TOTAL AREA. Containing 2549.09 acres (hereinafter called the "leased area" or "leased lands"), together with:
TOTAL AREA. Stories: 1 49 sf -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dated Inventoried: Overall Condition: Exterior - Fair Date Video Taped: April, 1997 Interior - Fair -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Construction: Walls -Concrete Block Roof - Asphalt Shingle Foundation - Concrete -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Utilities: Electrical Number of Watts:, 120, 3 wire, 60 amp Water Supply: N/A Wastewater System: N/A Stormwater Discharge System: None Heating Method: N/A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Condition Report -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cond Exterior Cond Interior -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F Grounds: F Heating: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F Pavements: F Plumbing: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F Roof: F Walls: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F Siding: F Ceiling: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F Windows/Doors: F Floor: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: G = Good F = Fair P = Poor PHYSICAL CONDITION REPORT BUILDING 399 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function of Building and Year Constructed: Vehicle Maintenance Shop Constructed 1985 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of Size: 3,000 sq. ft. TOTAL AREA: Stories: 1 3,000 sf -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dated Inventoried: Overall Condition: Exterior - Good Date Video Taped: April, 1997 Interior - Good -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Construction: Walls - Metal outside, sheetrock inside Roof - Steel Foundation - Concrete -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Utilities: Electrical Number of Watts:, 120/208, 3 phase, 4 wire, 200 amp Water Supply: Connected to base utilities Wa...
TOTAL AREA. The total area shall be sum of covered area of the said premises and its prorata share of common areas in the entire said complex.
TOTAL AREA. 2.1 The total carpet area of the said Unit as defined in the Act of 2017 is Square Feet;
TOTAL AREA. The plot covers an area of about 30mu. The exact area shall be subject to the space as measured following the land leveling operation (See the attached drawing).
TOTAL AREA. The total area encompassed by a contrasting color scheme shall be counted when calculating allowable sign area. (c) Foothill Boulevard and "A" Street within the CC-C and CC-P Zoning Districts. The maximum sign area is 2 square feet per linear foot of primary frontage, and 30 percent of the allowable sign area of the primary frontage is allowed as the ' sign area for the secondary frontage. One frontage, which must contain a public entrance, may be counted as primary frontage. All other building frontages which have exposure to pedestrian or vehicular traffic are considered secondary frontages. Only one secondary frontage may be counted for determining maximum sign area for all secondary frontages. Suns displayed on a single frontage shall be limited to the area and number that are permitted on that frontage alone. No establishment shall be permitted more than a total of 200 square feet of sign area.
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TOTAL AREA. Pro Rata Share% ----------- ----------- --------------- C 19,545 19.97 B 13,412 13.71 A 25,433 25.99 D 20,470 20.92 E 7,940 8.12 F 11,043 11.29 ------ ------ 97,841 100.00% ------ ------ This Rider Is To Be Made Part Of The Lease Dated February 8, 1989 By And Between HealthMate Inc., Lessee and Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx As Agent For The Beneficiaries Of American National Bank Trust No. 42807 and 42683

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  • Rentable Area 6.1. The term “

  • Rentable Area of the Premises The term "Rentable Area of the Premises" shall mean 29,227 square feet, which Landlord and Tenant have stipulated as the Rentable Area of the Premises. Tenant acknowledges that the Rentable Area of the Premises includes the usable area, without deduction for columns or projections, multiplied by a load factor to reflect a share of certain areas, which may include lobbies, corridors, mechanical, utility, janitorial, boiler and service rooms and closets, restrooms and other public, common and service areas of the Building.

  • Minimum Tangible Net Worth The Parent and the Borrower shall not permit Tangible Net Worth at any time to be less than (i) 203,170,000 plus (ii) 75% of the Net Proceeds of all Equity Issuances effected at any time after the Agreement by the Parent, the Borrower or any of the Subsidiaries of the Parent to any Person other than the Parent, the Borrower or any of the Subsidiaries of the Parent.

  • MULTIPLE BUILDINGS If the Premises are part of a group of buildings controlled by Lessor, Lessee agrees that it will abide by, keep and observe all reasonable rules and regulations which Lessor may make from time to time for the management, safety, care, and cleanliness of the grounds, the parking and unloading of vehicles and the preservation of good order, as well as for the convenience of other occupants or tenants of such other buildings and their invitees, and that Lessee will pay its fair share of common expenses incurred in connection therewith.

  • Consolidated Tangible Net Worth (i) The net worth of Seller and its consolidated subsidiaries, on a combined basis, determined in accordance with GAAP, minus (ii) all intangibles determined in accordance with GAAP (including goodwill, capitalized financing costs and capitalized administration costs but excluding originated and purchased mortgage servicing rights or retained residual securities) and any and all advances to, investments in and receivables held from affiliates; provided, however, that the non-cash effect (gain or loss) of any xxxx-to-market adjustments made directly to stockholders’ equity for fluctuation of the value of financial instruments as mandated under the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 133 (or any successor statement) shall be excluded from the calculation of Consolidated Tangible Net Worth.

  • Minimum Consolidated Tangible Net Worth (a) Prior to consummation of the Merger, the Borrower will not at any time permit Consolidated Tangible Net Worth to be less than the sum of (i) $788,000,000.00 plus (ii) seventy-five percent (75%) of the sum of any additional Net Offering Proceeds after the date of this Agreement.

  • Adjusted Tangible Net Worth On the Effective Date, Seller’s Adjusted Tangible Net Worth is not less than the amount set forth in Section 2.1 of the Pricing Side Letter.

  • Minimum Adjusted Tangible Net Worth Seller shall not permit the Adjusted Tangible Net Worth of Seller (and, if applicable, its Subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis), computed as of the end of each calendar month, to be less than Fifty-Seven Million Dollars ($57,000,000).

  • Minimum Net Worth The Borrower will at all times maintain Consolidated Net Worth of not less than the sum of (i) $900,000,000 plus (ii) 50% of Consolidated Net Income earned in the fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2002 (without deduction for losses) plus (iii) 50% of Consolidated Net Income earned in each fiscal year beginning with the fiscal year ending December 31, 2003 (without deduction for losses).

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