Program Information Sample Clauses

Program Information. Title and full and complete ownership rights to Program membership data and information developed by Delta, wherever located, shall remain with Delta or an affiliate of Delta. Operator understands and agrees that such data and information constitutes Delta’s (or its affiliates’) proprietary information. Any membership lists, labels, data, or other compiled membership information supplied to Operator in any form and any and all copies thereof are to be used by Operator exclusively in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement and will not be otherwise used, sold, licensed, leased, transferred, stored, duplicated or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without Delta’s prior written consent. All such information will either be returned to Delta or destroyed at Delta’s request.
Program Information. The Heritage Greece Program is generally described in the literature provided to the Student and available online at: It is understood and agreed that the information contained therein is descriptive only and may be changed in the discretion of ACG which reserves the right to make Program changes at any time and for any reason, with or without notice. ACG and/or the Sponsor shall not be liable to the Student because of any such change. ACG reserves all rights, in its sole discre tion, to cancel the Program or any aspect thereof prior to or after departure, and in the case of cancellation after departure, to require the Student to return to the United States, if ACG determines or believes it is in the best interests of the Student.
Program Information. A. An outline that describes a typical training session (time spent on: warm-up, activities, cool down, stretches, etc.) for the student.
Program Information. School/CenterProgram Name (use title from Dates & Fees)City/CountryDate: Start ProgramDate: Start Lodging (most start day before)No. of hours day/weekNo. of weeks attendingDisabilities/Allergies/Health Problems2nd Choice ProgramHow did you learn about NRCSA?Social Security NumberOptions (see program for choices)Your Signature (if you are under age 18, both parents must also sign)For program deposit only
Program Information. In the Program Information Section, review and make selections as appropriate. Applicants should only select priorities and characteristics that represent a significant part of the program. AmeriCorps Funding PrioritiesCheck any priority area(s) that apply to the proposed program. Only select Priorities that represent a significant part of the program focus and intended outcomes. Grant CharacteristicsCheck any grant characteristics that are a significant part of the proposed program.
Program Information. Program information, data, and details relating to Contractor’s Services under this contract must be maintained separately from Contractor’s other activities. Contractor must undertake all reasonable care and precaution in the handling and storing of this information.
Program Information. 22 5.5 Nondisclosure of Third Party Confidential Information....23 5.6 Publicity ...............................................23 5.7 Permitted Disclosure ....................................23 5.8 Publications ............................................23 VI.
Program Information. All program informational materials for the upcoming benefit period shall be submitted to the DEPARTMENT Program Manager or designee for review and approval, including:
Program Information. All Program Information generated under this Agreement shall be considered confidential by the party generating and the party receiving such information from generation thereof through at least ninety (90) days after the Receiving Party has received a reasonably-detailed description of such Program information. RiboGene shall deem Program Information which relates to Abbott Compounds and/or RiboGene Leads, and the characteristics, processes for making and use thereof, and is identified and summarized in reasonable detail in a writing, marked "Confidential", that is provided to RiboGene by Abbott within the above-described ninety (90)-day period, to be Abbott's property (Abbott being the "Beneficiary Party" and RiboGene being the "Collateral Party", in this case) and to treat it in the same way it would treat Abbott's Independent Information under the provisions of Section 5.1. Abbott shall likewise deem Program Information which relates to the RiboGene's proprietary screening and lead-identification technologies (i.e., Know-how) existing on the Effective Date, and is identified and summarized in reasonable detail in a writing, marked "Confidential", that is provided to Abbott by RiboGene within the above-described ninety (90) day period, to be RiboGene's property (RiboGene being the "Beneficiary Party" and Abbott being the "Collateral Party", in this case) and to treat it in the same way it would treat RiboGene's Independent Information under the provisions of Section 5.1. Program Information which relates to one or more Program Inventions or Joint Program Inventions, according to the provisions of Section 6.4, shall be kept confidential by both parties at least until Abbott can determine the commercial relevance or value of