Professional Seal Sample Clauses

Professional Seal. Where applicable in the determination of the contract administrator, the first page of a technical report, first page of design specifications, and each page of construction drawings shall be stamped/sealed and signed by the licensed professional responsible for the report/design preparation. The stamp/seal shall be in a block entitled "Seal and Signature of Registered Professional with report/design responsibility" as per sample below. Seal and Signature of Registered Professional with report/design responsibility.
Professional Seal. When the use of a professional seal and/or signature on any document issued by the Employer is required either by the Employer or by the standards established by the employee's licensing body, the Employer will not permit the issuance of any such documents without the required professional seal and/or signature as determined by the standards noted above.
Professional Seal. All documents and data furnished by the Appraiser to the County shall bear the professional seal of a licensed Appraiser employed by the Appraiser.
Professional Seal. All documents and data furnished by the Construction Materials & Geotechnical Testing Services Firm to the Countyshall bear the Professional seal of a licensed Construction Materials & Geotechnical Testing Services Firm employed by the Construction Materials & Geotechnical Testing Services Firm.

Related to Professional Seal

  • Professional Services HP will deliver any ordered IT consulting, training or other services as described in the applicable Supporting Material.

  • Scope of Professional Services 3.1 On the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, COUNTY hereby engages CONTRACTOR to provide all labor, materials and equipment to complete the Project/Service in accordance with the Scope of Services, attached hereto and incorporated herein as Attachment A, as modified or clarified by Addendum(s) # , dated , attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference as Attachment B. It is understood that the Scope of Services may be modified by change order as the Project/Service progresses, but to be effective and binding, any such change order must be in writing, executed by the parties, and in accordance with the COUNTY’s Purchasing Policies and Procedures. A copy of these policies and procedures shall be made available to the CONTRACTOR upon request.

  • Professional Services Fees You agree to pay us the professional services fees in the amounts set forth in the Investment Summary. Those amounts are payable in accordance with our Invoicing and Payment Policy. You acknowledge that the fees stated in the Investment Summary are good-faith estimates of the amount of time and materials required for your implementation. We will bill you the actual fees incurred based on the in-scope services provided to you. Any discrepancies in the total values set forth in the Investment Summary will be resolved by multiplying the applicable hourly rate by the quoted hours.

  • Professional Dues The District shall pay the Association dues of the Superintendent for the American Association of School Administrators, the Michigan Association of School Administrators and M.A.S.A. Region in which the School District is located as well as other appropriate affiliations as approved.

  • DHS Seal, Logo, and Flags The Contractor shall not use the DHS seal(s), logos, crests, or reproductions of flags or likenesses of DHS agency officials without specific FEMA pre-approval.

  • PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR A. Teachers are expected to comply with reasonable rules, regulations, and directions adopted by the Board, or its representatives, which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, provided that a teacher may reasonably refuse to carry out an order which threatens physical safety or well being or is professionally demeaning.

  • Professional Standards The Contractor agrees to maintain the professional standards applicable to its profession and to Contractors doing business in the United States Virgin Islands.

  • PROFESSIONAL GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE A. A claim by a teacher or the Association that there has been a violation, misrepresentation, or misapplication of any provision of this Agreement may be processed as a grievance as hereinafter provided.