Engineers Sample Clauses

Engineers. Tenant shall retain the services of Meta Engineers, P.C., the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineers designated by Landlord (the “Engineers”), to: (a) design the type, number and location of all mechanical systems in the Premises, including without limitation the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system therein, and to prepare all of the mechanical plans; (b) assist Tenant and the Tenant’s Architect in connection with the electrical design of the Premises, including the location and capacity of light fixtures, electrical receptacles and other electrical elements, and to prepare all of the electrical plans; (c) assist Tenant and the Tenant’s Architect in connection with plumbing-related issues involved in designing the Premises and to prepare all of the plumbing plans; and (d) assist Tenant and the Tenant’s Architect in connection with the structural elements of the Tenant’s Architect’s design of the Premises and to prepare all the structural plans. All fees of the Engineers shall be borne solely by Tenant, subject to application of the Tenant Improvement Allowance as hereinafter provided.
Engineers. (a) The Chief Engineer will be scheduled to work Monday to Friday day shift which shall commence at 0800 hours, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the Chief Engineer and Facilities Management.
Engineers. An employee in Class 3615 – Assistant Engineer (PR) shall be paid at a rate approximately five percent (5%) higher than prescribed for said class upon furnishing satisfactory evidence that he/she possesses a current valid State of California registration as a civil or structural engineer or architect.
Engineers. Also included in our recognizable attributes is an investment in engineers that are available to help design custom solutions. We have the largest team of engineers when compared to our direct IT competitors, more on par with the big integrator firms that serve the federal market—such as Boeing—than other potential respondents. Through the account teams located in strategic geographies across the nation, our engineers provide customers design and consultative services at no additional charge.
Engineers. The Engineers' salary will be established at 6% above the salary paid to a firefighter with the same number of service years. Salary steps will occur after the completion of 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service on the Department.
Engineers. The petroleum engineers who have consented to being named as having reviewed certain reserve data included or incorporated by reference in the 1934 Act Documents are independent engineers with respect to the Company and its subsidiaries.
Engineers. Collectively, all acoustical, structural, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, civil and electrical engineers licensed in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts retained by Tenant, Architect or General Contractor to design, supervise or perform the Tenant’s Work. All Engineers shall be approved by Landlord, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Engineers. Engineers actually working in a job requiring the ticket herein specified, shall be paid in accordance with the following rates: 5th Class Engineer – Occupational Rate plus $0.50 per hour
Engineers. Annually on May 1st, bargaining unit members in the job classification of Engineer shall be assigned to positions which they have bid on the basis of seniority on the shift to which they are assigned. For anyone assigned to the position of Engineer after May 1, 2009, seniority shall be defined as time served as an Engineer with the Bloomington Fire Department. All persons bidding for the first time on Engineers positions must have obtained a State of Illinois Certified Fire Apparatus Engineer Certification. If the next senior Firefighter has not obtained the State of Illinois Certified Apparatus Engineer certification, then they shall be enrolled in the next available FAE class in order to obtain the certification. Any employee who passes the class but fails to obtain FAE certification because he failed to complete the necessary paperwork within the required time period set by the Office of the State Fire Xxxxxxxx, shall bear all costs, including time off, associated with attending the class a second time. This limitation does not apply to employees who fail the class. Additionally, all persons bidding for the first time ARFF Engineer’s positions must have completed a FAA approved forty
Engineers. College and City acknowledge and agree that certain instructional staff employed by College are also employed as firefighting personnel by City. College and City further acknowledge and agree that only a qualified firefighting engineer may operate a City vehicle during all College drills and training exercises at FTF (the "Engineer"), and that no College instructor or student who is not a qualified firefighting engineer employed by City may operate a City vehicle. For efficient and economical use of personnel employed by both College and City, College and City agree that: