Production Operations Sample Clauses

Production Operations. PDC shall provide all necessary labor, vehicles, supervision, management, accounting, and overhead services for normal production operations, and lease accounting, and shall be entitled to deduct from Partnership revenues a monthly operating charge of $225 per well and a monthly accounting and management charge of $75 per well. Nonroutine operations will be billed to the Partnership at their proportionate cost. Any nonroutine operation with an estimated cost exceeding $2,000 will be authorized for expenditure ("AFE" or "AFE'd") and submitted to the Non-Operators for approval. Approval of a majority of the working interest owners will be required to authorize such operations. If the Partnership authorized such operations PDC shall have the right to deduct payment for the cost from Partnership revenues.
Production Operations. (Yard, Slasher, Debarking, Sawing, Dry Kiln and Planer).
Production Operations. Perform a new trial batch when the plant or plant location is changed. Take corrective action and receive approval to proceed after any production suspension for noncompliance to the specification. Submit a new mix design and perform a new trial batch when the asphalt binder content of:  any RAP stockpile used in the mix is more than 0.5% higher than the value shown on the mixture design report; or  RAS stockpile used in the mix is more than 2.0% higher than the value shown on the mixture design report.
Production Operations. 23.1 Within 30 days of receiving Pertamina’s approval of a “Plan of Developmentgiving the Operator permission to proceed with the commercial exploitation and production of Petroleum from within the Permit Area the Parties shall meet for the purposes of deciding whether this JOA is in need of modification, amendment or restatement in view of the approved POD and anticipated development.
Production Operations. (a) Following the completion of Development Operations under an approved Development Work Program, Contractor will be entitled to carry out Production Operations within the Production Area, and will be entitled to continue Production Operations during the Production Period.
Production Operations. (1) Producer will ensure all operations on the Mineral Lands are carried out diligently and in a manner consistent with good oilfield practice.
Production Operations. The procedure in Article 6.5 shall govern the assumption by MND of the Production Operations from DIPC.
Production Operations. $100,000 per day beginning with the production start-up date, as stipulated by the Contract.
Production Operations. Build and operate production processes across the program o This will be staffed with onshore and offshore resources to provide incident response 24x7  Release Management and Communication: Build and operate release management and communications across the program.  Integrated Regression and Performance Testing: Build and operate integrated regression and performance testing across the program Key Assumptions  Some of the desired program level integration for production operations, release management, and testing will require cooperation from Salesforce and Skedulo, which may require coordination with CDPH, who hold those contracts. CONTRACTORS RESPONSIBILITIES:  Work with CDPH to agree on program level integrations for production operations, release management, and testing, that require effort from 3rd parties. STATE RESPONSIBILITIES:  Work with Accenture and 3rd parties on integration efforts for production operations, release management, and testing that require multi-party actions. COMPLETION/ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA: N/A FTE BREAKDOWN: Accenture will provide resources to provide the specific FTE capacity (FTE = 40 hours a week)as outlined below: Workstream December January February March April May TOTAL Production Operations Support 0.0 0.40 13.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 52.40 Production Operations - WOA5 0.40 0.40 Production Operations - WOA4 13.00 13.00 13.00 13.00 52.00 Productions Operations 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 24.00 Release Management/Communications 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 12.00 Integrated Regression/Performance Test 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 16.00 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PURPOSE, GOAL, OR OBJECTIVE Add new scope to deliver the following Customer Experience services: Provider Portal:  Support development of Provider Portal System Communications  Provide Portal System UX/UI Design support My Turn Clinic:  Support development of My Turn Clinic Communications  Provide My Turn Clinic UX/UI Design support My Turn Scheduling Portal:  Support development of My Turn Resident-Facing Communications  Provide My Turn Scheduling Portal UX/UI Design support Volunteer Management System (VMS):  Support development of Volunteer Management System Communications  Provide Volunteer Management System UX/UI Design support Re-Branding myCAvax:  Responsible for developing strategic approach and tactical activities to support re-branding  Creative development of re-branding communications The following line item will be added to the myCAvax budget and is documented in the updated ...