Definition of Policy Liabilities

Policy Liabilities means, to the extent applicable, any claims of holders of policies of insurance issued by the Guarantor or for which the Guarantor is responsible or liable and described in paragraph 161(1)(c) of the Winding-Up and Restructuring Act (Canada) and any other statute hereafter enacted in substitution therefor, as such act or substituted statute may be amended from time to time.
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Examples of Policy Liabilities in a sentence

Policy Liabilities Estimating liabilities for our long-duration insurance contracts requires management to make various assumptions, including policyholder persistency, mortality rates, investment yields, discretionary benefit increases, new business pricing, and operating expense levels.
Reinsurer will not accept any liabilities of Ceding Company under this Agreement other than the Policy Liabilities and the Other Assumed Liabilities.
To the extent that a court of competent jurisdiction or Governmental Entity determines that the foregoing transfer and conveyance of Policy-Related Assets is not effective to vest absolute and irrevocable title in such Policy-Related Assets in Reinsurer, then Ceding Company hereby grants to Reinsurer a first priority security interest in such Policy-Related Assets to secure payment and performance of the Policy Liabilities and the Other Assumed Liabilities.
Reinsurer will reimburse Ceding Company for all amounts under Reinsured Policies paid by Ceding Company to the applicable state that escheat to such state as abandoned property because checks and other drafts issued by Reinsurer at or after the Effective Time with respect to Policy Liabilities were not timely cashed or deposited by the applicable payee.
The Reinsurer's coinsurance of the Policy Liabilities pursuant to this Agreement with respect to any of the Policies is intended for the sole benefit of the parties to this Agreement and shall not create any right on the part of any policyholder, insured, claimant or beneficiary under such Policies against the Reinsurer or any legal relationship between such policyholders, insureds, claimants or beneficiaries and the Reinsurer.