Picture Sample Clauses

Picture. The "Picture" shall mean that certain motion picture presently entitled "Night of the Living Dead 3D" and any and all versions thereof and all "bloopers", footage, trims and outtakes thereof (including, without limitation, the Director's Cut and the Final Cut and any and all versions of each of me foregoing, all versions rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and unrated versions of the Picture, "behind the scenes", "making of and any and all other documentary or short films concerning the Picture, and all footage, "bloopers", trims and out-takes of each of me foregoing), produced by, on behalf of or at Grantor's direction, in the year 2006, starring Briaima Xxxxx, Xxxxxx XxxXxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxx Xxxxx and Xxxx Xxxxxx in the principal lead and supporting roles and directed by Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. Grantor shall only be required to Deliver such "behind the scenes", "making of and other documentary and short films concerning the Picture, and such footage, "bloopers" trims and outtakes of the Picture as are available, except as otherwise set forth in the Delivery Schedule with respect to Television Cover Shots.
Picture. The term “Picture” refers to the narrative / documentary feature film called “XXXX” (Directed by XXXX).
Picture. The resolution of the horizontal board picture is greater than: >1280x720 (pixels) Vertical image resolution greater than: >720x1280 (pixels) Note: The picture should not have watermark, mosaic, etc. The picture shall be in high definition and good picture quality.
Picture including photographic, motion picture and electronic (video) images.
Picture. (a) Owner confirms that the Picture will be or is shot in color, in the English language, with a running time of no less than 92 minutes including main and end titles, and shall qualify for an MPAA rating not more restrictive than "R".
Picture. PC of XxX presents the SAIP exchange meeting in Metehara. Examples of other experience sharing initiatives: • Before RTG organized an exchange, XXXX arranged experience sharing with SAC members to prepare. • PDN: Experience sharing with other SAIPs was undertaken in which people from other kebeles were also invited. • RCDE - experience sharing with SAIPs that participated in ESAP1 learned a lot about sustainability, and scaling for instance inviting administrators from adjacent kebeles, and sector heads from other sectors. "In one case the education head was so impressed that he wanted to organize scoring in schools the next day." • Internal experience sharing was organized by EOC- DICAC, among the project woredas. “Other SAIPs have also visited us and we all learned a lot.” • Experience exchange among project woredas: SOS Sahel, we are working in 3 regions, so we organized an exchange of 3 days experience sharing among these regions, including a field visit. • SOS Sahel experience - 28 people participated in an exchange visit of SAC and government members to Hawassa, where they admired the school director who made a significant change. Very high community mobilization in that area, and they know the budget. The school never closes throughout the day. The director knows the status of each family and their student children. They were able to clear the land which was occupied by OXFAM. • SOS Sahel, CFAFI, AFSR and AFD share the same compound and have signed a MoU to regularly exchange and learn from each other on SA. They have a monthly meeting. • CFID organized a 3 days visit with AFSR. SAIPs are encouraged to continue to organise such exchange, and the MA is always ready to assist with advice and to participate where possible.
Picture. Must depict the image of a person with a gun if weapons are allowed to be carried.
Picture. The Picture is the Motion Picture currently identified in the Deal Terms. Licensor may change the title of the Picture.
Picture. The Picture shall be live action (not animated), photographed in color, in the English language, of first-class technical quality, completely finished, fully edited and titled and fully synchronized with language, dialogue, sound and music, and in all respects ready and suitable for presentation to the public in first class theatres worldwide that charge general admission. The Picture consists, or shall consist, of a connected and continuous series of scenes telling or presenting a story, and is or shall be produced substantially and materially in accordance with, and shall not vary from, the final Screenplay approved in writing by MRS (see clause 3) below) except only for such changes as the exigencies of production may require, and except for such minor revisions able to be made by the director provided that said revisions shall conform with the agreed upon page count and shall be subject to meaningful consultation with MRS. The Picture shall have a rating of not more restrictive than “R” and shall have a running time (including main titles and end credits) of between 90 and 120 minutes.
Picture. The feature film entitled “The Corporation” directed by Xxxx Xxxxxx and Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx.