April 2020 Sample Clauses

April 2020. 30.1 The service period is 36 months 4 Testing and defects As per requirements stated in the Service Information
April 2020. For the Competent Authority in Ireland for ADR
April 2020. Overtime work 1 Overtime 1 is paid for all overtime until overtime pay 2 takes over. The same applies to overtime payments that are added to payments for worked time, see Item d) for more information. Overtime work 2 Overtime 2 is paid for active working hours that exceed 41 active hours during the week on average during a wage period per month (177.33 active hours during an average month). Overtime 2 is also paid during night-time, between the period from 00:00 to 06:00.
April 2020. 12.2 The law of the contract is the law of the Republic of South Africa
April 2020. 11.2(3) The completion date for the whole of the services is. 36 Months
April 2020. Coffee breaks during daytime work are a total of 35 minutes, taken before and after noon, and are not considered working hours. Employees and employers in each workplace shall reach an agreement on the actual period used for coffee breaks. An agreement may be reached within the workplace to cancel one or both coffee breaks. Overtime shall be paid if the lunch or morning/afternoon coffee break is worked. If only part of the meal or coffee break is worked, overtime shall be paid for such time.
April 2020. By: By: School District President School District Clerk
April 2020. Active working hours in daytime work shall be 37 hours per week during the hours between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday. The time during which a worker is engaged in work is considered active working hours. Daily attendance in the workplace is considered active working hours in addition to refreshment breaks from work. Daytime working hours are to be consecutive. A written agreement may be reached between the employee and the employer to organise working hours so that the number of hours worked within the daytime working hours period differ between days and weeks. The number of working hours during the month will determine whether there are grounds to pay overtime according to Article 2.2. See also HYPERLINK \l "_Bókun_vegna_upptöku" Protocol on page 84 on the adoption of active work hours.
April 2020. Parties: (i) the Companythe purchaser (for itself and on behalf of other members of the Group); and