Payment of Proceeds Sample Clauses

Payment of Proceeds. All insurance policies required hereunder (except for general public liability, professional liability and workers' compensation and employers liability insurance) shall provide that in the event of loss, injury or damage, subject to the rights of any Fee Mortgagee, all proceeds shall be paid to the Lessor alone (rather than jointly to the Lessee and the Lessor). The Lessor is hereby authorized to adjust and compromise any such loss with the consent of the Lessee or, following any Lease Default, whether or not cured, without the consent of the Lessee, and to collect and receive such proceeds in the name of the Lessor and the Lessee, and the Lessee appoints the Lessor (or any agent designated by the Lessor) as the Lessee's attorney-in-fact with full power of substitution, to endorse the Lessee's name upon any check in payment thereof. Subject to the provisions of Article 13, such insurance proceeds shall be applied first toward reimbursement of all costs and expenses reasonably incurred by the Lessor in collecting said insurance proceeds, then toward payment of the Lease Obligations or any portion thereof, then due and payable, in such order as the Lessor determines, and then in whole or in part toward restoration, repair or reconstruction of the Leased Property for which such insurance proceeds shall have been paid.
Payment of Proceeds. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Funding 1 Liquidity Facility Provider shall make each Funding 1 Liquidity Facility Loan available for Funding 1 on the relevant Funding 1 Liquidity Facility Drawdown Date and shall remit each Funding 1 Liquidity Facility Loan to Funding 1 by noon on the relevant Funding 1 Liquidity Facility Drawdown Date or, if LIBOR is determined otherwise than in accordance with PARAGRAPH (A) of its definition, by 2.00 p.m. on the relevant Funding 1
Payment of Proceeds. In the event that, for its convenience, Beneficiary should elect with respect to particular properties or contracts not to exercise immediately its right to receive Hydrocarbons or proceeds, then the purchasers or other persons obligated to make such payment shall continue to make payment to Grantor until such time as written demand has been made upon them by Beneficiary or Trustee that payment be made directly to Beneficiary. Such failure to notify shall not in any way waive the right of Beneficiary to receive any payments not theretofore paid out to Grantor before the giving of written notice. In this regard, in the event payments are made directly to Beneficiary, and then, at the request of Beneficiary payments are, for a period of time, paid to Grantor, Beneficiary shall nevertheless have the right, effective upon written notice, to require that future payments be again made to Beneficiary.
Payment of Proceeds. Provide that proceeds thereunder shall be paid directly to Lender, so long as the Aircraft is subject to the Lien of the Mortgage and thereafter to Lessor, in either case as exclusive loss payee; provided, however, that any proceeds payable as a result of any property damage to the Airframe or any Engine, which property damage does not exceed $1,500,000 and does not constitute an Event of Loss with respect to the Aircraft or such Engine, shall be paid to Lessee, unless Lessor or Lender, prior to such payment, shall have notified the insurer making such payment that a Lease Event of Default or a Lease Default specified in Section 14.1 or 14.5 has occurred and is continuing.
Payment of Proceeds. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, each Bank shall make its participation in a Loan available to the Facility Agent for the Company on the relevant Drawdown Date.
Payment of Proceeds. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, each Lender shall make its participation in each Advance available to the Facility Agent for the relevant Borrower on the relevant Utilisation Date.