Paragraph 8 Sample Clauses

Paragraph 8 b. of the License Agreement is hereby modified by deleting all of the text after the first “provided, however” provision thereof and replacing that language with the following: “provided, however, that if Licensee shall sell or otherwise transfer its entire business (as opposed to merely its rights under this Agreement), whether simultaneously or subsequent to any assignment permitted hereby, then this Agreement and all rights of the Licensee hereunder shall terminate simultaneously with such sale unless prior thereto, Licensee or its assignee shall furnish to Licensor then current audited financial statements demonstrating that such assignee has a net worth of not less than $20 Million (determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and after giving effect to the assignment but excluding the value of the assets acquired and the liabilities assumed from Licensee).
Paragraph 8. Paragraph 8 of the Employment Agreement is hereby amended by deleting subparagraph 8(d) in its entirety and replacing with new subparagraph 8(d) which shall now read as follows:
Paragraph 8. 8.1 above does not apply to an acquisition of a company, of shares, securities or a business or undertaking (or, in each case, any interest in any of them) or the incorporation of a company which is:
Paragraph 8. 3.1 above shall not apply with respect to any Tax assessed on a Finance Party:
Paragraph 8. 4.1.1., the reference to footnote 9 and footnote 9, renumber as footnote 10 Paragraphs 15.5. to 15.10., renumber as paragraphs 15.4.1. to 15.4.6. Insert new paragraphs 15.5. to 15.5.6., to read:
Paragraph 8. Paragraph 8 of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its ----------- entirety and replaced with the following:
Paragraph 8. 15.1 above does not apply to any sale, lease, transfer or other disposal which is:
Paragraph 8. 2 of the Executive Continuity Agreement is hereby deleted and the following is substituted in its place:
Paragraph 8. 8: The following sentence is to be added to the end of paragraph 8.8: “Except any Latent Defect know to Lessor.”