Share Interests definition

Share Interests means the respective ownership percentages of the Corporation held by the Shareholders, determined for a Shareholder as the percentage reflected by a fraction (x) the numerator of which is the number of Shares owned by such Shareholder and (y) the denominator of which is the total number of issued and outstanding Shares;
Share Interests is defined in Section 2.1.
Share Interests constitiution in a percentage of sixty per cent (65%) shall be as follows:

Examples of Share Interests in a sentence

  • Each Grantor agrees to comply with Section 6.11 of the Credit Agreement with respect to the proceeds of Time Share Interests described therein that are owned by such Grantor.

  • All of such Share Interests so issued shall be fully paid and non-assessable.

  • Every decision of a majority of Share Interests having voting power among the Members constituting the quorum at such meeting shall be valid as the act of the Members except in those specific instances in which a larger vote is required by law, by this Agreement, or by the Certificate of Formation.

  • Except as may otherwise be provided by the Certificate of Formation, Members holding the majority ofthe total Share Interests in the Company at any meeting of the Members, present at the meeting in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum.

  • The Members shall prepare and make a complete list of the Members entitled to vote at the meeting, arranged in alphabetical order and showing the address of each Member and the Share Interests registered in the name of each Member.

  • A Share Interests in controlled corporation1 37,568,900 0.81 0.96 Long Position (中央匯金投資有限責任公司) A ShareInterests in controlled corporation22,141,706,18346.4554.82Long Position 2,179,275,08347.2655.78Long Position2Central Huijin Asset Management LimitedA ShareBeneficial owners37,568,9000.810.96Long Position (中央匯金資產管理有限責任公司) 3China Everbright Group Ltd.

  • Common Share Interests and Partially Subordinated Series “A” Preferred Share Interests.

  • If approved, such Share Interests may be issued for such consideration as the Members may determine.

  • In the event of a Transfer without consent as required by the Act and in violation ofthis Agreement, the Transferee shall not become a Member hereunder, nor shall the Share Interests involved thereafter be entitled to be voted unless and until the Transferee agrees to be bound by the provisions ofthe Certificate of Formation and this Agreement and the Members unanimously consent to the Transfer and admission ofthe Transferee as a Member.

  • Class 7 consists of the Debtor’s Common Stock Interests and Partially Subordinated Series “A” Preferred Share Interests, all of which shall retain the existing financial rights of Common Shares, provided that, some may be partially or wholly subordinated for distribution purposes as insider Interests or for other reasons, which Interests if subordinated, will be treated as Class 8 Interests.

Related to Share Interests

  • Joint Venture Interests means assets of the Company and its Subsidiaries constituting an equity investment in real estate assets or other properties, or in an entity holding real estate assets or other properties, jointly owned by the Company and its Subsidiaries, on the one hand, and one or more other Persons not constituting Affiliates of the Company, on the other hand, excluding any entity or properties (i) which is a Subsidiary or are properties if the co-ownership thereof (if in a separate entity) would constitute or would have constituted a Subsidiary, or (ii) to which, at the time of determination, the Company’s manager at such time or an Affiliate of the Company’s manager at such time provides management services. In no event shall Joint Venture Interests include equity securities that are part of a class of equity securities that are traded on a national or regional securities exchange or a recognized over-the-counter market or any investments in debt securities, mortgages or other Debt.

  • Share Issuance means the issuance of Parent Common Stock pursuant to Section 2.1(a).

  • LLC Interests shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 5.1.3.

  • Permitted Share Issue means an issue of:

  • Company Interests has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Voting Equity Interests of any Person shall mean all classes of Equity Interests of such Person entitled to vote.

  • Contributed Property means each property or other asset, in such form as may be permitted by the Delaware Act, but excluding cash, contributed to the Partnership. Once the Carrying Value of a Contributed Property is adjusted pursuant to Section 5.5(d), such property shall no longer constitute a Contributed Property, but shall be deemed an Adjusted Property.

  • Subject Interests means Assignor’s undivided interests in the Subject Lands as described on Exhibit A, whether as lessee under leases, as an owner of the Subject Minerals (or the right to extract such Minerals) or otherwise, by virtue of which undivided interests Assignor has the right to conduct exploration, drilling, development and Mineral production operations on the Subject Lands, or to cause such operations to be conducted, or to participate in such operations by paying and bearing all or any part of the costs, risks and liabilities of such operations, to drill, test, complete, equip, operate and produce xxxxx to exploit the Minerals. The “Subject Interests” (a) may be owned by Assignor pursuant to leases, deeds, operating, pooling or unitization agreements, orders or any other instruments, agreements or documents, recorded or unrecorded, (b) include any and all extensions or renewals of leases covering the Subject Lands (or any portion thereof) obtained by Assignor, or any Affiliate thereof, within six (6) months after the expiration or termination of any such lease, and (c) are subject to the Permitted Encumbrances. For the avoidance of doubt, the “Subject Interests” do not include: (i) Assignor’s interests in the Excluded Assets; (ii) Assignor’s rights to substances other than Minerals; (iii) Assignor’s rights to Minerals (other than Assignee Minerals) under contracts for the purchase, sale, transportation, storage, processing or other handling or disposition of Minerals; (iv) Assignor’s interests in, or rights to Minerals (other than Assignee Minerals) held in pipelines, gathering systems, storage facilities, processing facilities or other equipment or facilities; or (v) any additional or enlarged interests in the Xxxxx, Subject Lands or Subject Minerals acquired by Assignor after the Closing Time, except (1) as may result from the operation of the terms of the instruments creating the Subject Interests, or (2) as may be reflected in extensions and renewals covered by the preceding sentence.

  • Membership Interests has the meaning set forth in the recitals.

  • New Equity Interests means the limited liability company

  • Share Issuer means the issuer of the Share.

  • Partnership Interests shall have the meaning specified in Section 6.3 [Subsidiaries].

  • Transferred Interests has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Pledged Shares means (a) the shares of capital stock or other equity interests described in Schedule VIII hereto, whether or not evidenced or represented by any stock certificate, certificated security or other Instrument, issued by the Persons described in such Schedule VIII (the "Existing Issuers"), (b) the shares of capital stock or other equity interests at any time and from time to time acquired by a Grantor of any and all Persons now or hereafter existing (such Persons, together with the Existing Issuers, being hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Pledged Issuers" and each individually as a "Pledged Issuer"), whether or not evidenced or represented by any stock certificate, certificated security or other Instrument, and (c) the certificates representing such shares of capital stock, all options and other rights, contractual or otherwise, in respect thereof and all dividends, distributions, cash, Instruments, Investment Property, financial assets, securities, capital stock, other equity interests, stock options and commodity contracts, notes, debentures, bonds, promissory notes or other evidences of indebtedness and all other property (including, without limitation, any stock dividend and any distribution in connection with a stock split) from time to time received, receivable or otherwise distributed in respect of or in exchange for any or all of such capital stock.

  • Existing Equity Interests means any Equity Security, including all issued, unissued, authorized, or outstanding shares of capital stock and any other common stock, preferred stock, limited liability company interests, and any other equity, ownership, or profit interests of Mariposa Intermediate, including all options, warrants, rights, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock rights, restricted stock units, redemption rights, repurchase rights, convertible, exercisable, or exchangeable securities, or other agreements, arrangements, or commitments of any character relating to, or whose value is related to, any such interest or other ownership interest in Mariposa Intermediate, whether or not arising under or in connection with any employment agreement and whether or not certificated, transferable, preferred, common, voting, or denominated “stock” or a similar security.

  • ASA Shares has the meaning set forth in 2.4(a).

  • Income interest means the right of an income beneficiary to receive all or part of net income, whether the terms of the trust require it to be distributed or authorize it to be distributed in the trustee's discretion.

  • Contributed Assets means all assets contributed under the Contribution Agreements.

  • Other Interests means the legal or equitable estates or interests and other rights in relation to the Determination Area described in Schedule Six and referred to in paragraph 10;

  • Invested Assets means cash, Cash Equivalents, short term investments, investments held for sale and any other assets which are treated as investments under GAAP.

  • Membership Rights means all of the rights of a Member in the Company, including a Member’s: (a) Interest; (b) right to inspect the Company’s books and records; (c) right to participate in the management of and vote on matters coming before the Company; and (d) unless this Operating Agreement or the Certificate of Formation provide to the contrary, right to act as an agent of the Company.

  • Ownership Interests means, with respect to any entity, any ownership interests in the entity and any economic rights (such as a right to distributions, net cash flow or net income) to which the owner of such ownership interests is entitled.

  • Subject Property means any premises located in the County on which an energy efficiency improvements, water efficiency improvements, or renewable resource applications are being or have been made and financed through an outstanding PACE loan.

  • Contributed Interests has the meaning set forth in the recitals.

  • Pledged LLC Interests means all interests in any limited liability company including, without limitation, all limited liability company interests listed on Schedule 4.4(A) under the heading “Pledged LLC Interests” (as such schedule may be amended or supplemented from time to time) and the certificates, if any, representing such limited liability company interests and any interest of such Grantor on the books and records of such limited liability company or on the books and records of any securities intermediary pertaining to such interest and all dividends, distributions, cash, warrants, rights, options, instruments, securities and other property or proceeds from time to time received, receivable or otherwise distributed in respect of or in exchange for any or all of such limited liability company interests.

  • Prior Interests has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(b).