Overseas Sample Clauses

Overseas. (a) A Doctor rotated to a position at a Rotation Hospital outside of Australia is entitled to an economy class return airfare for themselves and their spouse and children who, on or about the commencement of the Rotation, also travel to the Doctor’s Rotation locality.
Overseas. If you use your Card to make a Contactless Purchase, different limits or requirements may apply, depending on the country you are in, which will determine when you must use your PIN or sign to use your Card. We have no control over these limits or requirements. You will need a PIN if you wish to use your Card for ATM Transactions. For EFTPOS Transactions, a PIN may not be available and a signature will be required, and for teller Transactions, a PIN and/or signature will be required.
Overseas. A location outside the 00 Xxxxxx xx xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, the Dis- trict of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. [61 FR 9322, Mar. 8, 1996] § 315.609 Appointment based on serv- ice in United States positions of the Panama Canal Commission.
Overseas. 11.1 The Company is and has always been resident solely in the country of its incorporation for Tax purposes and has never had any liability to pay Tax to a Tax Authority other than in the country of its incorporation and is not and never has been a representative for the purposes of any Tax for any person and there is no agreement or arrangement under which it would become such a representative.
Overseas. We will pay You up to:
Overseas. For Calls to PRS, Calls originating overseas.
Overseas. (i) Certification certifying as to the incumbency of authorized signatories and that there has been no change to the Certificate of Incorporation and By-laws
Overseas. In the UK, we currently support shipping product to worldwide British Forces Post Offices (BFPO) addresses. Prior to joining Stella & Dot, prospective Stylists posted to military bases should check with their base commander to make sure that they are permitted to operate a home based business and/or use the BFPO shipping address within the Ministry of Defence guidelines. Please note that we are unable to offer our standard returns service at overseas military bases, but advise to contact Delight Centre who will be happy to help. More information on BFPO can be found here: xxxxx://xxx.xxx.xx/british-forces-post-office- services
Overseas. When required to render services outside the United Kingdom the Producer shall arrange for Individuals to be covered by an insurance scheme which provides minimum cover levels as set out below. For the purpose of this Clause the United Kingdom shall mean the mainland and coastal islands of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Personal Accident and Illness: Up to £62,500 for accidental death or permanent incapacity, and up to £200 per week for temporary incapacity after the first 7 days, up to a maximum of 52 weeks. Medical and Emergency Travel Expenses: up to £500,000 in respect of death injury or illness while on an overseas location. This would cover medical and hospital treatment, travel back to the UK, overseas travel and accommodation expenses, and funeral expenses incurred overseas (including returning remains to the UK). Personal effects: up to £1,000 for baggage and £200 for cash. For delayed baggage, up to £200 for replacement items. Items hired by the Producer from an Individual shall be insured under the Individual’s business insurance.
Overseas. 35.1 Each Group Company is, and has always been, resident in the United Kingdom for United Kingdom Tax purposes.