Invoice Number Sample Clauses

Invoice Number. The last invoice submitted on the Project must be clearly labeledFinal Invoice
Invoice Number. Enter the Subcontractor/Supplier’s invoice number related to the payment reported this period. 22. Total Paid (to Each Subcontractor) to Date: Enter the total amount paid to the Subcontractor/Supplier(s) to date. 23. Total Paid to All Subcontractors to Date: Enter the total amount paid to all subcontractors during reporting period.
Invoice Number. Alcatel USA uses the Seller invoice number as the tracking number. The invoice number shall be unique to each invoice. If an Invoice is returned (rejected) due to billing Issues, re-submit the revised Invoice with the same invoice number and a “revisionnotation. (i.e. xxxxxxxxx A)
Invoice Number. 3. The assigned Agreement Number.
Invoice Number. The Local Project Sponsor must submit a unique invoice number with each invoice submitted. The unique invoice number will be listed on the Commonwealth’s ACH remittance advice to enable the Local Project Sponsor to properly apply the Department’s payment to the respective invoice or program.
Invoice Number. 10.3.3 Contractor’s name and address
Invoice Number. 5. Total Invoice Value with GST, and PST (where applicable) clearly identifiedState any applicable holdback amount, and/or any other deduction amount, before invoice total  GST and PST to be invoiced on gross invoice value (inclusive of any holdback amount)  If applicable, include the corresponding OA/PO line item, quantity and unit price.
Invoice Number. DWP Contact Name and Telephone Number (This should be the contract contact and not the PTS contact) An invoice should reference only one Purchase Order and should also include: DWP Purchase Order Number Purchase Order Line Number (if the Purchase Order has more than one line, Suppliers must calculate the amounts invoiced against each line. Failure to do so may result in the invoice being mis-matched and subject to late payment) Quantity (It is important that you invoice in the same Unit of Measure as is shown in the Purchase Order - Failure to do so may result in the invoice being mis-matched and subject to late payment) Unit of Measure Unit Price Description Total Amount per Line Total Amount for Invoice and Currency Total VAT Gross Invoice Value Invoices Submitted To Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) DWP recently implemented a new system to support the procurement of goods and services. This impacts supplier’s since the system requires that, in order for payment to be made, an invoice must quote a valid Purchase Order number. The requirement for suppliers to provide a Purchase Order number is not new, but we are now taking steps to ensure that it is more rigorously adhered to. Payment of invoices that do not quote a valid Purchase Order number may be significantly delayed or returned to you. What Is A Valid Purchase Order? A valid Purchase Order is one where the Order Number is recognised by DWP’s Procure to Pay system and where there is sufficient value remaining against the Purchase Order to cover the amount being billed. Purchase Orders issued by DWP are 8 digit numbers and begin with the number 7 (for example 71234567). The value remaining on a PO is the original value of the PO less any invoices billed against that PO. For example, if the PO is originally issued for £2,000 and you have raised £1,700 worth of invoices quoting this PO number, then the value remaining is £300. If you know that you will have to issue more than £300 worth of invoices to DWP in the next 4 weeks, you should speak to your contact within DWP and ask that they initiate the process to have a new PO created for your business for the remainder of the value. What Happens Now? You will shortly be issued with a Purchase Order (PO). Where you supply services regularly over an extended period, we will issue a PO that states that it is a Blanket Order. The PO will cover an estimated value of future work for a stated period. This does not represent a commitment to place that value...