Invoice Number Sample Clauses

Invoice Number. Tracking number of the invoice
Invoice Number. Enter the unique invoice number in the “Invoice Number” field.
Invoice Number. Each payment request must be identified by a unique invoice number, regardless of the number of NIH contracts or orders held by an organization. For example, if a Contractor has already submitted invoice number 05 on one of its contracts or orders, it cannot use that same invoice number for any other contract or order.
Invoice Number. Individual invoices shall have unique numbers. Any invoice (including credit invoices) with a number that duplicates another invoice’s number is defective and will be rejected.
Invoice Number h. Work Completed this invoice
Invoice Number. This number is determined by the Contractor. It should be in consecutive format, beginning with the July invoice.
Invoice Number. The last invoice submitted on the Project must be clearly labeled “Final Invoice
Invoice Number. Enter the Subcontractor/Supplier’s invoice number related to the payment reported this period. 22. Total Paid (to Each Subcontractor) to Date: Enter the total amount paid to the Subcontractor/Supplier(s) to date. 23. Total Paid to All Subcontractors to Date: Enter the total amount paid to all subcontractors during reporting period.